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Religious Organisations Sign Open Letter Supporting LGBT+ Education in Schools

More than 50 religious organisations, campaigners and education leaders have signed an open letter in The Guardian on Monday (February 11) supporting the inclusion of LGBT+ education in schools.


The letter references the potential allowance for independent schools to opt out of LGBT+ lessons.


“This poses a significant safeguarding risk to LGBT young people, who are still subject to significant levels of homophobic, biphobic, and transphobic bullying,” the letter reads.


“It’s important to recognise that being LGBT and having a religion are not mutually exclusive. LGBT people are members of all communities, across religions and non-religious worldviews.


“While it is possible for schools to consider issues from a range of religion or belief perspectives, fundamentally all schools, including those with a religious character, must provide lessons that inform young people of their rights, and promote a culture of inclusion and acceptance of diversity.”

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