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Reverse Mentoring


Macquarie’s LGBT+ Reverse Mentoring programme aims to foster a greater understanding among Macquarie’s senior management of the experience of, and issues faced by, individuals who identify as LGBT+ in and out of the workplace.

The programme is targeted at senior leaders as we recognise how they can have a large impact on the culture of inclusivity in the workplace.

Our mentors are members of the Macquarie Pride Steering Committee and provide one-on-one mentoring sessions to the mentee. We hope the individualised and personal insights provided by our mentors enable our mentees to more deeply appreciate the lived experience of individuals who identify as LGBT+. In return, mentors also benefit this programme by receiving career guidance and possibly professional sponsorship from the mentee.


Why we are doing it?

Hear first hand from some of our participants:

·       Peter Lucas, Head of Private Credit (Mentee):

I believe that to be an effective ally and properly understand how I can support and provide assistance to the LGBT+ community, it is valuable to have a deeper understanding of the issues and concerns that are real for individuals. There is no better way to do that than to make a personal connection, talk face to face, and get a sense of what it is like to “walk in that person’s shoes”.

·       Josh Kirby, Associate (Mentor)

Understanding and acceptance doesn’t come from seeking solidarity within your own community; it comes from engaging with the wider community and putting a face – a person – to the LGBTQI+ label. The reverse mentoring programme provides a platform for LGBTQI+ people to connect with non-LGBTQI leaders within the workplace, and it’s this platform for honest and sincere engagement that can lead to identification of shared values, mutual understanding and respect.

Reverse mentoring: best practices

There are several ways to run a reverse mentoring programme; however, Macquarie’s LGBT+ Reverse Mentoring programme have found success in following core principles:

·       Positive role models are important – they give hope to others and enable the organisation to realise the benefits of inclusive behaviour;

·       Courage is needed to share personal stories and ask questions;

·       Both the mentee and mentor should have a positive influence on the development, networks and success of each other; and

·       Sufficient time, space and personalised attention is needed to gain a deeper understanding of the lived experience, workplace inclusion, and factors that make a difference.

Want to make a difference in your workplace?

Contact our Program Coordinator on if you want to learn more about the program.

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