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'IDAHOBIT has the power to help us better understand the current global injustices that some LGBT+ people experience'

Anish Jalabhay is a Business Analyst and also the Head of Events for our Embrace (LGBT+) Employee-led Network at Santander and share his thoughts around IDAHOBIT.

Have you marked IDAHOBIT before? 

Yes – IDAHOBIT has been firmly on our national events calendar in Embrace for over 2 years now. 

Can you tell us about one of your favourite years?

2019 was definitely our most active based on the variety of events that we organised across multiple sites in the UK. For example, in London we collaborated with the Mental Wellbeing network on an awareness stall highlighting the harmful effects of discrimination on mental health. Our Embrace team in Glasgow also joined forces with other internal networks to organise an interactive quiz to educate on global LGBT+ rights.

What implications do you think IDAHOBIT has for the wider LGBT+ community?

IDAHOBIT has the power to help us better understand the current global injustices that some LGBT+ people experience, which in turn, can create empathy and solidarity. 

Do you think there are elements of IDAHOBIT we should be encompassing throughout the year?

Just like any special occasion, the principles of IDAHOBIT shouldn’t only be important on May 17th but every day of the year! We need to constantly tackle homophobia, biphobia and/or transphobia globally to create a more inclusive and positive world. 

How would you suggest we do this?

By celebrating and marking other events in the already diverse LGBT+ calendar such as: LGBT+ History Month, visibility days for lesser visible identities, National Hate Crime Awareness Week in October… just to name a few!

Do you think it’s important for organisation’s to visibly celebrate IDAHOBIT? Why?

It’s important for organisations to show support and demonstrate that they genuinely care about their colleagues/customers who are LGBT+ or Allies.  

How can we ensure IDAHOBIT events are inclusive for everyone?

By making events open and educational. Anyone can be an Ally for another minority group and it’s by showing curiosity, compassion, and unity that we can put an end to human rights violations and injustices around the world.

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