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Starbucks Trans Ad Characterised As Hypocritical By Trans Employee Who Faced Discrimination

Recently Starbucks released a heart-warming ad about a trans teen changing his name and has now been characterised as hypocritical by trans Starbucks employees who have faced discrimination within the company. 

Tucker Jace Webb said the company refused to change his name in their software “unless he underwent a legal name change.”

Webb also said that a high-ranking employee outed him to his co-workers, although he had asked for the fact that he is trans to remain private. 

Starbucks only reached out to him to apologise after he complained about the incidents on Twitter.

“This has been going on for so many months,” Webb said, “and no one said anything until I tweeted about it.”

Two other trans employees have accused the company of not covering their bottom-and top- surgeries, ‘LGBTQ Nation’ reports. 

According to the ‘Advocate’, Maddie Wade is another former Starbucks employee who faced discrimination and Wade’s attorney issued a statement calling the ad “a cruel slap in the face to their own employees who have faced hateful and derogatory discrimination in the workplace. The company’s attempt at marketing their position on inclusion and gender equality is both phony and hypocritical to their own employees who have faced discrimination while working in their stores.'

“How are we to believe this kind of message when Starbucks’ own attorneys forcefully argue that misgendering and other hostile behavior endured by a transgender employee does not constitute harassment or discrimination?” he continued.

“While Starbucks may indeed encourage their employees to treat all customers with respect, their recent arguments in court call into question the true intent of their corporate position on LGBTQ rights. It is insincere for Starbucks to take this kind of public position in their customer marketing while treating their own transgender employees like second-class citizens.”

After these statements, a spokesperson for Starbucks said: “We take great pride in providing a warm and welcoming environment for everyone, and intentional misgendering is not acceptable conduct at Starbucks.”

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