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Why Should Graduates Join Taylor Wessing?

Andrew Marks is a trainee at Taylor Wessing. He spoke to us about why he believes that Taylor Wessing is the place for Graduates to go: 

1. First impressions matter. Ever since my first encounter with TW, the firm's commitment to equality and diversity has been evident. This first impression has only been reinforced during my time at the firm. Finding a firm where the culture truly mirrors the brochure has meant I can focus on developing my career instead of worrying how being a gay man might affect it.


2. You can be yourself. Training at TW not only gives graduates the chance to obtain exposure to interesting clients operating at the cutting edge, and work on matters where the law hasn’t necessarily had the chance to catch up with technology, but it offers this training in an environment which encourages authenticity.


3. It does what it says. TW takes an active role in building diversity across the legal profession, and this external role is built on strong internal foundations. The reality of life at the firm matches what it hopes to achieve in the industry.


4. Your voice will be heard. Everyone at TW has the opportunity to get involved in working towards a more diverse and inclusive future, and if, like me, you share that passion and want to take a more active role, TW includes colleagues at all levels and across the business.


5. You'll make friends. TW recruits a small intake of graduates each year so you won't end up being treated like another part of the machine. The onboarding process starts long before you join and you'll be able to build strong relationships with your peers and with the wider firm. In my experience, these stronger connections only help in making TW an even more inclusive environment.

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