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Teenagers Protest Methodist Church’s Treatment of LGBT+ by Refusing to Take Part in Confirmation Ritual

Eight teenagers from a Nebraska United Methodist Church (UMC) have protested the church’s treatment of the LGBT+ community by refusing to take part in a confirmation ritual.


A confirmation ritual is an important part of the church, were members spend one year preparing to reconfirm their alignment with the Christian faith and take a vow of membership.


Instead, the group of teenagers stood up and announced they would not be joined the church because it’s treatment of the LGBT+ community was “immoral”.


In February, at the UMC General Conference, 53 percent of delegates voted in favour of the continued prohibition of same-sex marriages, the refusal of queer people to take part in the clergy, and stricter punishments for clergy who did perform same-sex weddings.


The eight teenagers released a statement that referenced this vote. 


“We are disappointed about the direction the United Methodist denomination is heading,” the group wrote in an open letter.


“We are not standing just for ourselves, we are standing for every single member of the LGBTQ+ community who is hurting right now because we were raised in this church, we believe that if we all stand together as a whole, we can make a difference.”

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