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The International Olympic Committee Will Publish Trans Guidelines After Tokyo Olympics

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will wait until after the Tokyo Olympics to publish the new guidelines on trans athletes that are “meant to protect inclusivity, safety and fairness in sport,” as ‘ESPN’ reports.

The IOC's medical and scientific director, Richard Budgett, said that making changes in policy so close to the Tokyo Olympics would not be “ethically or legally fair.”

Budgett said the IOC has talked to hundreds of athletes, doctors and human rights experts for input on guidelines.

“Somehow we have got to find a fair balance,” he said.

“Whatever is put in place will undoubtedly upset a lot of people,” Budgett continued.

He said the talks have been “a very difficult process, a very sensitive process, and there's no easy answer.

“We're talking about so few out of 11,000 athletes ... that actually it's much better to get this right, or as right as we can, rather than rushing something out just before the Games,” he concluded.

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