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The LGBT+ Victims of So-called ‘Honour’-based Violence

Domestic violence, in any form, is a sensitive topic and one that can be incredibly difficult to talk about. Add religion and sexuality to the mix, and it can become even harder. Honour-Based Violence is exactly that. With cases being seen in religions, this is an issue disproportionately affecting LGBT+ people and often kept secret behind closed doors. 

Religion and sexuality have a complicated relationship, with many LGBT+ people having negative experiences with religion and a lot of LGBT-phobic rhetoric originating from religious spaces. However, in recent years we’ve seen a lot of this change, with several religious groups opening their doors to LGBT+ people. Many modern-day queer people no longer need to choose between their sexuality and religion, and often these two parts of themselves can go hand in hand. On top of this, more religious spaces than ever are popping up where Queer celebration is the focus, Bristol Queer Muslims, Metropolitan Church Brighton and LGBCM South Wales, being just a few of these.