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The World’s First Lingerie Brand For Trans Women Is Finally Here

The GI Collection is a brand by trans woman Carmen Liu. As a trans woman, Liu struggled to find underwear she could wear and was frustrated by the fact that many lingerie brands used trans individuals as “a selfish marketing ploy," whilst "they do not cater for [trans individuals],” according to ‘Forbes’. 

“We do have specific design needs and we need to be heard and catered for. We should be allowed the experience of lingerie shopping on the high street, just like everyone else.”

An estimated 0.6% of the U.S. population identifies as trans, which is around 1.4 million people. In the U.K it is estimated that 1% of the population identifies as trans, roughly 600,00 people. Liu was appalled that, in 2019, there was not one mainstream store that stocked lingerie suitable for trans women.

“I had this business idea circulating in my mind for two years, thinking of how I would design the lingerie if I had the opportunity,” she says. “I wouldn’t say there was light-bulb moment as such. The idea hit me due to pure frustration of not being able to buy lingerie. Once I got the green light I began working 16 hours most days to cover every detail and possible option that would benefit and bring positive change to our community.”

Prices start at $13 for a pair of panties and $39 for a bra.

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