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Top Five Events to Help Accelerate Meaningful LGBTQ+ inclusion at Work

There are so many events this year promising to help accelerate diversity, inclusion and equality in the workplace. So myGwork has selected the top ones in the diversity and inclusion space for those of you involved in accelerating meaningful LGBTQ+ inclusion and equality initiatives at your company, as well as those of you who are simply looking for better opportunities at inclusive companies.

Here are our top 5 must attend LGBTQ+ events you won't want to miss out on this year (in date order):


1. WorkPride 2022 Conference: Empowering the LGBTQ+ Community (20-24 June)

Hosted by myGwork, this five-day series of events is for professionals, graduates, inclusive employers, and anyone who believes in workplace equality. Each year, WorkPride welcomes thousands of virtual attendees from around the globe to network, share best practices and learn strategies to help create workspaces that are inclusive of all sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions. Once again this year, myGwork’s events featuring workshops/panels alongside a digital career fair, will include expansive and nuanced conversations about LGBTQ+ inclusion, mental and emotional wellbeing, allyship and career progression/business opportunities in the workplace, with global expert advice from public and private companies/organisations in practically every sector.


This year’s WorkPride will feature speakers from around the world offering great advice on on allyship (Monday 20 June), networks (Tuesday 21 June), careers (Wednesday 22 June), business (Thursday 23 June) and wellbeing (Friday 24 June); as well as how to get ahead in sectors like tech, legal, finance and more. Additionally, myGwork’s virtual WorkPride conference includes diverse and ethnicity-specific panels to provide an opportunity to deep dive into different intersectional LGBTQ+ community needs and issues, covering disability, generational/age, race/culture (Latinx, South Asian, Black, etc), and more.


2. Reversing Homophobia & Nonbinary Discrimination at C-level (30 June 2022)

LGBTQ+ professionals on both sides of the Atlantic still experience workplace discrimination. The problem remains rampant both in hiring and in day-to-day interactions between out LGBTQ+ professionals and their colleagues, which means companies are losing out on top talent. Many industries, especially STEM, have lost viable candidates due to the cumulative effects of anti-LGBTQ biases. While a record 8% of Americans now identify as LGBTQ+, as reported, business leaders either turn their backs on the everyday struggles that these employees, or call it a day with inadequate and incomplete formal policies. The cases of meaningful LGBTQ+ inclusion are rare, and they all feature strong support of DEI from the executive team, as well as an ongoing feedback loop. Enabling LGBTQ+ professionals to feel free in their identities creates a more open and innovative workplace and allows employees to fulfil their potential. This event will provide practical knowledge on how to reverse homophobia among C-suite executives. 


3. LGBT+@Work Annual Conference in Spain’s Madrid (1-2 July 2022)

The IE Out & Allies Club has been proudly presenting LGBT+@Work annual conference for the past 16 years. It’s the largest, longest running, international LGBTQ+ student-led business conference in Europe. The event promotes diverse leadership through exchange of ideas and inspirational talks, creation of unique networking opportunities and building a community of LGBTQ+ students, professionals, and allies who truly care and engage with Diversity and Inclusion topics. The event welcomes inspiring LGBTQ+ professionals and leading organizations from around the world to create a truly diverse, international, and immersive experience.

The LGBT+@Work 2022 conference will take place during Madrid Pride Week at new IE Tower in Spain’s capital. This year’s theme focuses on ‘the courage to be who you are’ featuring a one-of-its-kind ‘outed’ TED-like event where LGBTQ+ C-level professionals and leaders share their coming-out stories and inspire young professionals at the beginning of their journeys, reflect the diversity of our community; inclusive of all genders, BIPOC, neurodivergent, and HIV+ folx.

4. Out & Equal Workplace Summit, in Las Vegas, NV (17-20 October 2022)

Reported to be one of the largest LGBTQ+ conference in the world, with more than 5,000 attendees every year, this event brings together executives, ERG leaders and HR/DEI professionals and experts – working to achieve LGBTQ+ equality. Over more than 20 years, the summit has grown to become the preferred place to network and share strategies that create inclusive workplaces, where everyone belongs and where LGBTQ+ employees can be out and thrive. Check the website for updates on the 2022 conference.

5. WorkFair (October 2022)

Later in the year in October, myGwork returns with its global virtual #WorkFair – another great free virtual event for those searching for a new opportunity, with employers that are in fact truly inclusive and embracing diverse talent. Check back soon for more updates on the 2022 event on myGwork.


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