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Top Skills Needed for Mentors

First and foremost, mentors and mentees are constantly learning from each other. There should, therefore, be no defined hierarchy within that relationship. 


I believe that being a good mentor is having the ability to truly listen and identify underlying themes which you are able to provide an external perspective on. Because it is a two-way process, it is equally important to acknowledge when your mentee brings a different perspective to the discussion. 


A good mentor is also able to create a space where the mentee feels safe to express their honest thoughts and opinions. This can be done by taking the initiative and sharing personal experiences. If you want to build trust and encourage honesty, you have to walk your talk. 

As a mentee, I look to learn from people who demonstrate characteristics which I admire and can improve on. I think that everyone I meet has something to teach me and therefore everyone is a potential mentor. With this open mindset, I have been able to treasure every interaction and develop holistically. I would like to continue to learn from great mentors for as long as I live! 

 Zen NgCareer Analyst at Mercer UK | Mercer Charity Champion, BAME and PRIDE representative

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