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Trans Woman Attacked On Subway In Apparent Hate Crime

A trans woman said she was attacked on a subway platform in New York City, for being trans. 

Trans activist and journalist Serena Daniari posted a video on Twitter, reacting to what had happened to her. 

“I swear I wish people would just leave me alone,” she said. “I don't do anything. I just want to be left alone.”

Talking to ‘BuzzFeed’, Danari recalls the night of her assault when a man and a woman walked up to her on the subway. According to Danari, the man began to say to her “you’re a guy” and other anti-trans slurs. 

“It only escalated to an aggressive situation after he realized I'm transgender,” she said.

Danari called the police and shared what happened. According to the NYPD the man spat on her and slapped her in the face. 

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said the NYPD hate crimes task force was investigating the "loathsome, transphobic attack." He asked for anyone with information to contact the police.

“Serena, on behalf of your city I’m so sorry this happened. Transgender and non-binary New Yorkers deserve to travel in their city without fear,” he said.

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