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Young Thug: Lil Nas X Shouldn’t Have Come Out

In an interview with No Jumper, rapper Young Thug has said he didn’t think Lil Nas X should have come out so publicly. 


Lil Nas X had previously hinted at his true sexual orientation in a series of tweets before explicitly coming out on BBC News, telling them: “I am gay.”


“I feel like he probably shouldn’t have told the world. He shouldn’t have told the world,” Young Thug said.


“These days, motherf*****s, it’s just all judgment. Motherf*****s is just judging. It ain’t even about the music no more.


“Once you found out he was gay, as soon as the song come on now, everybody like, ‘This gay-ass n****.’


“N****s don’t even care to listen to the song no more… It’s just like, to certain people, you know what I’m saying?”


Lil Nas X has said that while he has received some backlash from coming out, he was “not angry” about it.


“I just feel like he young, and backlash can come behind anything,” added Young Thug. “It wasn’t a bad idea, and it was most definitely the best time to do it, during Pride.


“That was the best time to do it. That was a G’s move. But he young, and I know he going to be dealing with it in his mind.


“I dealt with this s*** before. I know what he dealing with. So I was like: ‘F***, he should have never said that, never should have told them.’”


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