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About abcam

At abcam, we believe the scientific community goes further, faster when we go there together.

And to keep on making ground-breaking discoveries, we need to work together in new ways. That’s why we’re constantly innovating to help scientists drive their research forward by providing products and solutions that play an essential role in fundamental research, drug discovery, diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

We started with a simple mission: to provide the best biological reagents to life scientists worldwide. Today, we help 750,000 researchers in over 130 countries deliver faster breakthroughs in areas like cancer, neurological disorders, infectious diseases, and metabolic disorders.

Life at abcam

When people come together, incredible things happen. Here, you are part of something bigger, a shared mission for progress. You are part of a community of people from all over the world, each bringing their unique ideas and authentic selves, every day.

Truly championing your uniqueness is how we excel at partnering with the scientific community no matter the challenge, ultimately helping solve the world’s most critical diseases.

This community needs you to be dedicated, agile and above all audacious so we can truly bring progress forward.

You’ll help push the boundaries of science as we empower the community to solve the world’s most critical health issues. Your work, no matter your team, will ultimately help scientists get reproducible and reliable results, bringing them one step closer to the cures the world needs.

How we make abcam Inclusive and Diverse

Diversity and inclusion is about more than policies, programs and initiatives. It's about creating a culture that celebrates differences, enabling us to be ourselves at work, and offering career growth opportunities for us all. It takes everyone to achieve this - by working together across our global community to sponsor one another and elevate each other's ideas, we are unearthing voices to empower people and making Abcam a great place to work.

Achieving D&I has been a long-standing part of our journey but now, more than ever, we're taking fast-paced action for real change that will set us apart and make us best placed to be innovative, serve our customers and accelerate scientific breakthroughs that will have a positive impact on society.

Diversity and inclusion is enabled through a network of employee resource groups raising the voice of underrepresented communities across Abcam. Some examples of our ERGs are:

ARC (Abcam’s Rainbow community)- dedicated to supporting people from across the LGBTQ+ community, creating a safe environment where they can be their authentic selves

GET- Gender Equality Team

Women’s Network- dedicated to supporting all women at Abcam, through community, advocacy, events, coaching and influencing process and policy change

Social Mobility - dedicated to granting opportunities to those from less-privileged backgrounds, and granting the opportunities in STEM which are so often denied

HOPE (Helping Our People Excel)- dedicated to securing a safe workplace for multicultural groups and BIPOC.

Family+- dedicated to supporting working parents, families and caregivers

Diversability- dedicated to sharing advice, advocating and building awareness around disabilities, learning differences, special needs or neurodiversity, whether it’s for ourselves, a colleague, a relative, child or friend.

SHIELD- dedicated to creating a safe, supportive environment that promotes mental wellbeing

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