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Brewin Dolphin
Brewin Dolphin

About Brewin Dolphin

By combining a rich heritage with a modern outlook, we help our clients achieve their long-term financial goals. The Brewin Dolphin values - Genuine, Expert and Ambitious - are at the heart of everything we do. These values define how we behave, the way we deliver our services and client experience, and the way we work to fulfil our vision of being the leading wealth manager in the UK.

Brewin Dolphin was founded on the belief that the successful management of wealth takes an understanding of money but is rooted in an even deeper understanding of people. Whoever our clients are, we take the time to get to know them. We offer clients the confidence that comes from a better understanding of their financial situation and the options available to them. Free from financial distractions, they can devote more time to what they really enjoy doing.  

We have 32 offices across Britain and Ireland to bring us closer to our clients and enable us to combine the best of local understanding with national scale and perspective. Our range of services means that we are able to help clients starting their investment journey in an affordable way, through to clients wanting to protect the wealth they have grown over a number of years.

Working at Brewin

Your Career

Careers come in all shapes and sizes and we know that individuals have their own career aspirations.  Your manager will help you to craft your career goals and there are lots of opportunities to support you. Sometimes this will be formal learning, such as our Emerging Talent and Executive Leadership programmes or other times it will be on the job, such as projects, secondments, networking or moving to another internal role. We also run a mentoring scheme and sponsor employees to gain qualifications.


We recognise that health is integral to how we feel both at home and at work and can be impacted by a wide variety of issues. We offer a range of support, training, advice and online resources to help, as well as an Employee Assistance Programme. We have Wellbeing Champions across our offices who lead local activities around mental, physical and financial wellbeing and are trained as mental health first aiders.

Agile Working

We encourage and support agile working; allowing employees to work in the place that best suits the task in hand, which could be at their office desk, in a quiet area, or for some roles at home. We find that this approach supports collaboration, teamwork and high performance across the business.  Our people tell us that this gives them valuable flexibility and helps them to balance work with demands from other areas of life.

Positive Impact

Our people want to make a difference in their own communities. We support and encourage this in a number of ways, including formal partnerships, matched giving, matched fundraising, and by giving all of our employees one day a year to volunteer for a charity of their choice. Groups of employees regularly take this opportunity to work together for local charities.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that prioritising diversity and inclusion is vital. It is essential for our employees, our clients and for the future of our business. We want a working environment that supports the effective contribution of everyone; where all colleagues recognise, value and respect differences and reflect this in the way we work with each other. We have a Diversity & Inclusion Committee that provides strategic direction and as a result of their work we have taken important steps forward. These include signing the Women in Finance Charter, enhancing shared parental leave pay, diversifying our interview panels for wealth management promotions and signing up to the Government’s Disability Confident Scheme. They have also promoted LGBT+ conversations across the length and breadth of our organisation.

From our CEO, David Nicol

Thank you for your interest in Brewin Dolphin. We offer many career paths – drawing on the diverse experience of our bright, proactive and collaborative workforce as we aim to offer meaningful wealth management results for our clients. Whether you are an experienced professional, considering a career change or just leaving school or university, please take the time to learn about who we are, what we do and what it might be like to work with us.”

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Paul Kilpatrick has been at Brewin Dolphin since 2016. Some of his favourite parts of his role have been to manage our [email protected] network and sit on our Diversity & Inclusion Committee. Here he writes about this experience and what it has meant to him and his career. I joined Brewin in 2016 as a Senior Associate and Business Manager to S...

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