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My opinions are valued

I always feel comfortable giving my honest opinion (even if it’s constructively critical). This goes for working with anyone, at any level of the business - not just my direct team. I think at we work collaboratively not for the sake of it, but because we believe more perspectives can genuinely add value to the work.

Hard working team

Getting to build things with my colleagues is one of the things I love most about working at People are very passionate about their specialisms, and really do believe in the work we’re doing, which acts as a source of inspiration for me on a daily basis.

People of all backgrounds are welcomed

I really believe we celebrate diversity and welcome the variety of experiences our people bring to I think initiatives like our colleague-led community groups are brilliant at helping our people feel a sense of belonging. And I know we’re also working with some amazing external partners to help our open opportunities reach as many different types of people as possible.

I think that gives a lot of room to explore ideas and suggestions which is something I value a lot. There's plenty of opportunities to learn and grow, whether it's working on new projects or using our internal learning scheme. Employees are really empowered and encouraged to drive their own development.

It's a fast-paced environment and people are hard working. There is also a strong team spirit with everybody sharing a common goal and wanting to deliver their best work.

I also very much like how international is. I have colleagues from many different countries, which brings a lot of diversity to the company - and I love discovering new cultures! As a gay man, I also feel that our policies are very supportive of everyone's lifestyle.

It's also the first time I'm working for a company that has values (Aspire, Excel, Unite) I can fully relate to and that are fully lived in the company.

As we're growing a lot and fast, I'm really looking forward to seeing what will look like in a few years' time.

One thing I value about working at is that they give regular opportunities for feedback, and peoples’ opinions are listened to and considered.

There is a lot of opportunity for learning and growing, either by moving between teams to get context on a different part of the company, by using learning tools provided such as udemy, or by taking part in the regular all hands and knowledge sharing sessions. On a smaller scale basis, everyone I have spoken to within the company is keen to offer support and suggestions to someone who needs help.

We have several community groups, led by members of those communities. I am a member of the pride (LGBTQ+) group, where we have people sharing their own stories and different perspectives from our offices around the world, giving a real sense of community and solidarity.

Safe space to be Queer!

I love the work the Pride community at does to increase the visibility of LGBTQIA+ people in the company.

For Pride month we had a wide range of events. From a webinar about inclusion at the workplace to a Drag show performance by a local Queen, there was something for everyone.

It really feels like a safe space to be yourself and develop your professional skills.

Can't wait to see where the company takes this next!

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