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CTS & CloudM
CTS & CloudM


Our purpose is to enable our customers to harness the potential of the cloud.  Our group consists of two brands; CloudM and CTS. Together, we strive to progress our industry as a whole, and are using the B Corporation framework to continuously build on how we can treat our employees, community and environment with respect. We’re excited to see the progress we can collectively make.

CTS is the largest dedicated Google Cloud practice in Europe and aims to become the number one dedicated Global Partner for Google Cloud. We are also proud holders of 2020 Google Awards for both Workspace and GCP. 

CloudM is the tech company behind the tech companies; providing software solutions that enable businesses to unlock the potential of Workspace and Office 365.

We’re a community of creators; innovating, building and testing isn’t just for developers here - it’s in our DNA. At every level we encourage our people to think, ask, try and not worry about getting things wrong. We’ve built our attitude on our Manchester-rooted mantra; just crack on.

Our Values

Get Involved

From the bottom to the top, we don’t treat anyonedifferently. We roll up our sleeves and help out, knowing others would do thesame for us.
We share and consider each other’s thoughts, listening and trusting that wewill be listened to. We don’t expect people to be mind readers.

Appreciate Others

We know that work is only one aspect of our lives. We’remore than colleagues. We treat each other as equals, and consider our actionsand how they will impact others around them. We celebrate each other’ssuccesses.

We support our local communities with volunteering andfundraising, as well as supporting our colleagues in need.

Crack on

We don’t wait around. We know who needs to have input andwhen. We seize opportunities and make decisions quickly. 

If things go wrong, we fix them.

Try new things

Learning is at our core and we’re not afraid to trysomething new. If it works, that’s great, and if it doesn’t, that’s fine too.Either way, we’ve gained knowledge to share and can grow professionally. Wechallenge thoughts in a constructive way.
We strive to not only keep pace with our surroundings but innovate to drivethings forward.

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