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The mygwork team met Rick Morgan, the Director of Global Pathways Recruitment to talk about his new business and the importance of fighting discrimination in recruitment.

Rick Morgan is the director of Global Pathways Recruitment, a specialist in international recruitment. An expert in the finance sector, he is also a pioneer in promoting employment equality. The native Londoner is proud of his hometown for being a melting pot of diversity.

“I support anyone who comes from any background and faces discrimination in their efforts to climb in their career. We are all a minority somewhere in the world.”

At age 39, Morgan recently decided to set up his own business, taking “the path of least resistance” as he calls it. After years of experience in the field he enjoys the perks of having no boss – no dress code, the ability to choose his colleagues and most of all, setting his own working hours.

“In fact, I get to make all my decisions.”

His clients are both huge international companies and individuals who are looking to relocate. When companies are not able to find employees with the right skill-set locally, Morgan comes in.

“It can be like looking for the needle in the haystack, so they can just outsource it to me and let me do the work.”

With an extensive global network up his sleeve, Morgan is an entrepreneur with a lot of ambition.

“I literally cover the whole world from London, which is both very interesting and a little challenging with time zones sometimes.”

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With a focus on finance and accounting, our reputation is built on a real knowledge and understanding of those sectors. Our recruitment consultants have over 10 years experience in international relocation recruitment and work with candidates and employers to ensure all parties get the best possible outcome.

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Partnering with consultancy firms across the globe, we help meet skills shortages by matching these requirements to the technical knowledge and circumstantial needs of the individual. We’ve successfully filled a large number of vacancies to date, through finding exactly the right person for each role and location.

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