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About GoCardless

At GoCardless, we’re passionate about payments. Our vision is to provide businesses with the best way to collect recurring payments, wherever they and their customers are in the world.

Today, we help over 60,000 businesses take the pain out of getting paid, so they can focus on what they do best. And through our partnerships with over 200 software providers such as Xero, Zuora, Salesforce and Quickbooks, more and more businesses are benefiting from our unique global payments platform every day. We process $15bn of payments a year across more than 30 countries, powering recurring payments for businesses worldwide, from multinational corporations to small businesses.

We’re headquartered in the UK, and backed by some of the world’s leading investors including Google Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, Balderton Capital, Accel Partners, Notion Capital and Bain Capital. Over 500 employees worldwide have decided to develop their careers with us. We’ve built a friendly, collaborative culture where we hire and develop people who share our desire to do work we can be proud of. We value learning and feedback, and support colleagues to develop in their role and more broadly in their career.

Diversity at GoCardless

Diversity is hugely important to us, at GoCardless we believe that in order to build a more diverse and inclusive workplace, where everyone can be their full self, we need to create an environment where everyone’s voice is heard and there is a sense of belonging. We’re committed to building a more diverse team and you can read more about our commitment here.

We also have active ‘employee resource groups’ (such a BEAM and Pride) that are supported and sponsored by members of our Exec team; they work to engage and inspire our employees on diversity & inclusion topics throughout the year.

In particular our Pride Group, founded in 2019, aims to ensure our LGBTI+ colleagues feel represented and empowered to be themselves at GoCardless. We support the D&I programme by encouraging the awareness and celebration, community involvement and education of GoCardless’ LGBT+ community. We do this by facilitating open discussions, creating safe spaces for people to explore and learn, and organising opportunities to play a wider role beyond GoCardless by volunteering at events like Pride and giving back to the community.

Working at GoCardless

We offer flexible working hours and remote working arrangements, enhanced parental leave and pension packages. You’ll also receive equity, because we believe having this ‘buy in’ is a vital part of building a successful business where everybody - regardless of their role - can make a valuable contribution.

Here at GoCardless we value flexibility, and throughout the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic we've listened to our global GeeCees to gain a better understanding of the positives and negatives of working remotely (which we've been doing since March 2020).

Their feedback helped us develop our 'Adaptive Working' model, rolling out mid to late 2021. It's built around three components: days in the office, remote working, and enhanced environments. This means teams will be able to come into a GC office between one and three days per week for collaboration and teamwork, with the rest spent working remotely to enable a healthy work/life balance. We’ll also be reimagining our office environments so they enhance the collaboration and socialisation aspects our GeeCees told us they value most highly.

We continually review this approach in conjunction with the changing restrictions in each of our locations; additionally we offer support to maintain wellbeing and comfort, including subsidised home office equipment, workstation assessments and a range of remote social activities you can dip in and out of whenever you fancy.

Our Values

Act with Integrity

We do what’s right even when no-one is watching. We don't see doing the right things as choice — we act with integrity regardless of the cost.

Take Pride to Care Deeply

We care deeply about our impact on the world and those around us.  We focus on results whilst paying attention to the details, and always strive to master our craft.

Be Humble

We act without ego and don’t let excuses get in the way of achieving our goals. We believe life's too short for self-importance.

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    Designing for diversity requires the right culture, an appetite for taking action and the bravery to learn on the goAuthor: Lena Tailor, Diversity and Inclusion Director, GoCardlessI recently had the privilege of moderating a conversation around how we can get better at designing technology products to fit the needs of diverse customer bases. Host...

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    The day I read that Tim Cook was gay my mind blew. Until then, as a gay professional at the start of my career I assumed that being open about my sexuality would gift me with a big ‘glass closet’ I couldn’t smash through. In a world with no LGBTQ role models, Tim Cook stood out as proof that I could be both gay and a successful leader.  T...

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    Here at GoCardless, we collectively started an incentive for our LGBTQIA+ employees and allies to create profiles and leave reviews within myGwork in order to help build our online presence on the platform. For every new profile/review, we leave a £5 donation for the charity of Pride Group’s choice. After a recent survey, we have collectively...

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    Join us at the GoCardless office in London to talk about how different teams are building products that work for everyone.About this eventThe Pride group at GoCardless is excited to host you for a conversation around how we can build technology products that are designed for diverse customers.We will be exploring issues such as accessibility, gende...

    Date Nov 25, 2021 13:00 EDT

    One of the most compelling reasons to join GC was the fact they have a number of groups to support various communities, including one called "Pride". LGBTQI+ and allies can come together to find ways to make GC more inclusive and welcoming for all. The best part is that it's not just branding: the CEO calls out these groups frequently as a key fundamental component of the company culture. People are encouraged to take part and get opportunities to engage with the executive team and present company-wide - the activities of the Pride group really get attention and support.

    And the team is amazing. People are super friendly and welcoming (not to mention very smart!), so it's a pleasure to work here both from a professional and a personal perspective.

    GoCardless is committed to having a diverse workplace that represents all communities. They raise awareness of LGBTI+ issues during the year, specifically through LGBT+ History Month (Feb) and Pride Month (June). The goal of these activities is to provide education and raise awareness of LGBT+ issues for all employees to help foster allyship.

    Being part of the Talent team means I play a role in highlighting the values and culture of GoCardless. What has really stood out to me over the last few years is the extremely positive response from people when I tell them about all of the great initiatives and employee resource groups we have. Other reviews touch on these but our LGBTQI+ group is an employee-led group supported by the whole business. It's great to work for an open-minded, value-led business like GC.


    Great company to work for with amazing values and inclusive mindset.


    Can confirm, GoCardless is great to work for. I find GC to be a very positive environment - I think - due to the emphasis on their values. Everyone I've met here so far seems genuinely nice, friendly and makes an effort to keep it that way for everyone.

    GoCardless is definitely the most inclusive and positive workplace I have personally experienced. Everyone here really cares and is committed to support a diverse workplace that represents all communities!

    As a part of the Talent Team we are often the first point of contact a candidate will have with GoCardless. Our team take pride in the support we give to each individual through their journey interviewing and equally beyond once they join the company to ensure that they thrive as individuals. We are always looking for feedback on how we can be more inclusive and how we can better support our employee network groups. Our values form the backbone of who we are as a company: Care Deeply, Be Humble, Act with Integrity and Start with Why - it is really great to be a part of a company that truly values their employees.

    GoCardless is the most diverse, inclusive, welcoming and friendly company I have ever worked at. Our values are truly a part of day to day life at GC and it is visible through the warm and happy working environment and atmosphere.


    GoCardless is a really great place to work - a real emphasis on values that are lived by employees. I have found everyone really cares about supporting a diverse workplace.

    I started at GC in July, if you're looking to join an organisation with an amazing culture, where every day is different and you are pushed outside your comfort zone (but supported at the same time), I'd recommend GC to you in a heartbeat. I feel really lucky to be here and surrounded by amazing people who have made me feel so welcome and part of Team GeeCee since joining a few months ago.

    I joined GoCardless in February, and it's clear that our culture and values genuinely pervade how we work on a day-to-day. You see lots of companies that advertise values and ideals, and in my experience they tend to just be PR rubbish; looking around at the groups such as Pride, BEAM and Inspire and how they reflect and support those communities both within and outside the company, shows that the people here genuinely do care about helping one another.

    GoCardless truly cares about creating an inclusive work environment and takes genuine action to create change - without empty words or performative actions. I volunteer for the Pride group, whose mission is to ensure our LGBTQIA+ colleagues feel represented and empowered to be themselves at work. We focus on creating a warm and safe space for employees; celebrating the community; as well as providing education and awareness opportunities for our fantastic community of allies!

    We also have our Inspiring, Beam and Access groups, who focus on ensuring our colleagues of all gender identities, ethnicities, and our disabled and neurodiverse employees, feel represented, able to be themselves, and able to thrive and succeed at work.

    I've been with GoCardless for the last 4 years, I joined the business at 70 and have seen the company scale to 700 people. GC embodies its company values (Care Deeply, Act with Integrity, Start with Why, Be Humble) they're not just printouts on the wall we live and breathe them. As an organisation I can truly say that we are one of if not the most inclusive organisation I know of across the entirety of the tech market.

    We have a number of ERG groups including; BEAM, Pride, Access and Inspired that focus on ensuring our colleagues of all gender identities, ethnicities, and our disabled and neurodiverse employees, are represented and give our employees a platform to enable and facility inclusion across the organisation and the community. I couldn't be more proud to work here

    I've found since joining that there is a real focus at GoCardless on making people feel included and empowered, however they identify. It is talked about a lot and there are channels, ERGs and support networks for anyone to get involved in. This includes allies which is great to see. It is a friendly and generous place to work with people who really care about their colleagues.

    GoCardless is genuinely the most diverse and inclusive company that I've ever worked for. We care deeply about DEI both in words and actions and we have lots of active ERG's that you can be a part of.

    I joined in March and have been blown away by the commitment GoCardless have to the people that work here. Verna Myers said "Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance", and the company embodies that mantra by embracing our differences and giving everyone a voice.

    As part of the Talent team, I speak about GoCardless every day, so it's great to work for such an open-minded business that I can genuinely feel proud to be a part of.


    I joined GoCardless in May 2021 and already I can confidently say it is the best workplace experience I have ever had. Never have I worked for a company that focuses so much on Social Understanding, Diversity, Representation and Support as GoCardless does.

    In my experience - the greatest challenge starting a new job has always been "fitting in socially" within the workplace. At GoCardless - all these social concerns seem to have already been addressed for me. Even before joining I was already made aware of all the support available to me. A lot of effort was made to collect as much information as I was willing to share about myself to help me have a smooth and pleasant onboarding experience. And seeing the number of sessions held internally to raise social awareness amongst employees was truly really comforting. From day one I felt heard and seen as an individual.

    It took away the social anxiety associated with starting a new role giving me more energy to focus on doing my job to the best of my ability.

    The continued effort made to raise awareness amongst staff also means every single interaction I've had internally has been of very high quality as we are taught to see each other through the right social paradigms.

    GoCardless is doing a lot of things right, and the best thing about it is we're always trying to do better.

    I love working for a company who genuinely cares about people and since joining GoCardless I feel I can bring my true self every day to work!

    Our values are a true reflection of how we like to work and treat others and has created a friendly and inclusive culture.


    GoCardless is full of warm and welcoming people, I've not worked with a better group of people yet.

    I joined GoCardless about 5 months ago with high expectations of the Culture. I'd heard great things about the organisation, its values and ways or working and I can honestly say that it more than lives up to it all!
    It's the small touches that speak the loudest and show how GoCardless deeply cares about its employees.

    A company that is truly led by its values, encourages transparency and is committed to doing business in a 'good' way by considering both the people, social and environmental impact of what they do. This makes supporting their D&I journey really motivating and worthwhile; there is genuine engagement in doing things better and making progress at every level of the org. in terms of diversity, representation, equity and inclusion.

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