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This is Gympass

We believe that everyone should have an active and healthy lifestyle

We connect thousands of gyms, studios & health clubs to people and companies and take them on a unique fitness journey. Gympass has operations in more than 10 countries and over 3,400 cities.

With a single membership, employees of Partner Corporate Clients have all the choices to keep moving forward on their fitness journey, without being tied into a single sport or gym: from Crossfit, Pilates and Swimming to Surf, Muay Thai and Climbing. It’s all as simple as opening the app, finding the closest gym, selecting your favorite sport and checking-in.

With the same mindset, large multinational companies around the world promote us as a Corporate benefit to motivate their employees, improve their health and make them more productive. Those innovative corporate benefits have proved to generate positive bottom line impact.

Gyms, boutique studios, boot camps and all the other physical activity providers benefit from the new members that we bring them. Almost all of these new members were not active before joining our program.

 Our mission

We believe that everyone should have a healthy life. Gympass gives people all the choices to get there.

 Our vision

Be a standard corporate benefit that is offered by good employers. Have all gyms in the world connected into one single platform.

 Our values

1. We always focus on results, set clear targets and execute everything well to achieve our goals. We don’t sit and wait for things to happen. We act. We take results personally.

2. We truly believe in and practice meritocracy. We will recognize, reward and celebrate outstanding performance. To be consistent, we will let go of people that do not perform.

3.  We don’t believe in hierarchy or fancy names. Our leaders lead by example, not by names or roles.

4. We praise an easygoing and informal (but not unprofessional) environment. We believe that a good atmosphere is a key to make us feel good at work.

5. We believe it’s not a one-person show. We need each other to achieve big things.

6. We strive to always do what is right for our clients, partners and employees, acting at our highest ethical standard.

7. We are always humble. We are proud of our achievements, but there is zero value in showing off to others.

8. We recruit, develop and retain people who can be better than ourselves. We will be judged by the quality of our teams.