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Immersive Labs inclusive employer
Immersive Labs

I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin. I feel each time I make a career move the experience gets better, and I think that's because I pay more attention to the details around an organisations approach to diversity and inclusion.

My first few weeks at Immersive Labs really cemented to me that my gut feeling through the interview process was spot on. It was my first conversations that cropped up about my personal life and the absolute non-reaction to the gender of the person I was dating being of the same gender identity as me. None of the usual intrusive questions or the questions that highlight the difference (which I am used to in other roles). Not even a flicker in the eyes, just a normal reaction as if I had just said I was dating a man.

That's what I want the world to look like for everyone. To feel 'normal'. I get that every day here.

Totally inclusive place to work. Never felt anything but comfortable to be myself and have open conversations with people of all identities, beliefs and backgrounds. IL make great strides to educate, understand and create a safe space for everyone at all times.

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