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Parexel inclusive employer

Being a LGBTQ+ community member and Parexel employee has helped me recognize my gender identity and live proud feeling Life. Parexel inclusive culture driving LGBTQ+ members to work and Live a Life of Gender Choice.

I am a facilities coordinator with the company. I have been with them for almost 9 years and in that time, I have always felt that I mattered. The company has always treated me with respect as a LGBTQ+ employee. I sit on several committees dealing with LGBTQ+ issues and they listen to suggestions and what can do as team members to make our environment friendly and easy to do business with.

I am often awarded through the company’s recognition site by other employees for going up and beyond. That is not hard to do when you feel respected and cared about.
I would recommend anyone that is looking for a challenge and an open-minded environment to join PAREXEL. The benefits are 2nd to none, we are always growing and changing to continue to meet the high standards of putting our patients first by doing it with our slogan “With Heart”.
They are a strong company in supporting team members with work and home balance. You feel welcomed and cared about with our company

Working at Parexel is a very open and friendly environment where you feel you can be yourself and sexuality is not an issue. I would absolutely recommend Parexel as a place to work due to the great people and workplace environment. I also feel safe in the knowledge knowing that if I needed to raise any concerns they would be addressed with consideration and respect.

I am an out and proud member of the LGBTQ+ community who is equally proud to work for such an inclusive and respectful company as Parexel. I have been an employee for over 25 years and have seen my career develop from an individual contributor within the Statistical Programming group to my current role as the Head of our Global Data Operations team. During this time I have never had to hide who I was and have received continued support, encouragement and development from my peers and managers.

Parexel has an incredibly friendly and open environment and the "with heart" company motto extends beyond the work we do to better the lives of patients, to how we treat each other as employees. Inclusive policies continue to be incredibly important to me and it has been great to see Parexel continue to lead the way in adapting and growing as an organization within the industry. For example, upon relocating from the UK to the US in 2005 a big concern was health-care coverage for my unemployed partner. I should not have worried, and was happy to learn that all US benefits were extended to same-sex partners.

I would absolutely recommend Parexel as an exceptional place to work.

Working for Parexel started for me 2001. I selected and committed to Parexel at that time and still do as they are very open minded, protective and supporting everybody in the company. The support is i.e. on sexual orientation, religion, skin color, diverse/man/woman, handicap.
Parexel is a very professional company and support as CRO a for me important task in supporting getting medications ´on the market´ . Would anybody asks me about the Parexel ´Culture´ I can only commit that it is very friendly and I have very friendly skilled ollegues in my direct Environment as well as all around the world.
I am myself also active in D&I Germany organizing at least together with other D&I members quaterly sessions on specific topics where the company supports in every direction.

As an employee who has spent 20 years with Parexel as a TA/HR Professional I see first hand everyday how Parexel is committed to our patients, clients and employees. We strive to hire the most qualified candidates and seek those that are as committed to us in our values , of "Patients first", first time quality, respecting one another and being held accountable for our own work. We know a diverse employee population brings about the best ideas and we have and always will be committed to diversity and inclusion across the globe. We are stronger for it! Eileen Campbell/Principal Recruiter

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I find Parexel an open and welcoming place. I've never had to hide my family to anyone in the organization since I've started. It starts from the top and leadership shares their personal stories and families with the organization. I feel very valued and supported at Parexel.

As a member of Parexel's DEI Committee Germany, I am proud I can facilitate events and initiatives driving diversity, as well as grow as an ally to the LGBTQ+ community, and continuously learn. Parexel has a big focus on LGBTQ+ inclusion, wheater it's the patients, the employees, or suppliers. I enjoy learning from the committees around the world, through Lunch&Learn sessions and conversations with colleagues. For me, Parexel has been very supportive when I had personal needs, and from what I hear and see that is the same no matter your background.

Parexel takes great pride in all of its employees, which is demonstrated by the company's annual engagement in "Pride month".

During Pride Month, Parexel organizes many webinars on LGBTQ+ related topics, creating an atmosphere of acceptance and allowing non-LGBTQ+ colleagues to learn more about the lives of others.

Furthermore, Parexel goes beyond the LGBTQ+ spectrum and promotes female-male equality, racial diversity, enabling of disabled individuals, etc.

In short, you will definitely feel welcome and accepted for who you are at Parexel!

I am a proud Ally of LGBTQ+. I am with Parexel for around 9 years and close to 13 years in Clinical Research Industry. Parexel is the organization in my professional journey who gave me this platform to express my strong ally-ship for LGBTQ+ and to help demonstrate “We care” and “With heart” attributes too. I started my journey at Parexel as an Individual contributor, then to leading and training people and groups, eventually shifting my gears to “People”.

I find and believe Parexel as an Apple organization amongst rest of the ones. Things that keep my momentum high are the initiatives Parexel participates in, which adds value to patients, employees, and common people around. A step towards Gender Neutral Washroom at workplace is an extraordinary shift.

You are in an ELITE journey working with Parexel, one should definitely experience it!

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