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Pearson inclusive employer

Pearson truly prioritizes LGBTQ+ rights and does their upmost to show how much they value their employees. From recognitions and support from management to company sponsored ERGs, I feel like I genuinely matter to my organisation. I highly recommend Pearson to anyone, but particularly for the LGBTQ+ community as it is truly incredible to work for a company who actively supports and celebrates you

One of the things I valued when looking for a job was if the company supports LGBTQI+ issues. And for Pearson that was checked right away: they present themselves as a LGBTQI+ friendly company, they had anti-discrimination hiring policies, they had an “It get’s better” video…
But when I joined the company in 2014 I saw that it wasn’t just a marketing campaign, the respect and the promotion of D&I is part of the company’s values, it’s part of its day-to-day activities.
Pearson promotes, supports, advocates for its LGBTQI+ employees and for the global cause. And incorporates DE&I on the HR initiatives and on the company’s policies.
A great place to work.

I started my journey with Pearson three months ago. When I was interviewing for my current position as a Talent Acquisition and DEI Program Manager, having an impact was an extremely important component of me joining a company. In the first few months here, I can truly say I have had the ability to do just that. We have a brilliant new CEO, with a clear company vision that specifically calls out Diversity and Inclusion in our 2021 strategy. Because our top down approach is so strong, this has translated in action plans that are being executed enterprise wide in Pearson to strategically increase diverse representation in our organization in all company levels, and creating an inclusive culture through education, conversations, accountability, and embedding DEI in everything we do. I am happy to say that I am making an impact and that I am a Pearson employee.

I have been working for Pearson for over 9 years. In that time, we have become a more global and inclusive organization. Since my start, I have held 5 positions, allowing me to grow and develop my career within the company. In my current role as a Senior Talent Advisor, I often talk about my personal experience with candidates. I describe Pearson's culture and how we strongly believe in promoting from within, and know that I'm making an impact in what I do! All of these are important aspects in considering a new position. I speak from my heart, strongly believing in Pearson, and I'm proud to part of this organization.

I've been working at Pearson for five years and it's been a great experience. Where else can you work where the CEO takes enough time to be the DJ for a Pride Party? But LGBTQIA+ and diversity commitments don't stop when the music ends. Pearson has a strong commitment to inclusivity of all kinds not only in our culture but our products, too. The importance of diversity, equity, and inclusivity is baked into everything we do. So if you're looking for a company where you can do great work and be yourself at the same time, you might want to join us as we create products that improve people's lives throughout the world.

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