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About ResMed

We’re leading the way in cloud-connected medical devices that transform care for people with sleep apnea, COPD and other chronic diseases. Our comprehensive out-of-hospital software platforms support the professionals and caregivers who help people stay healthy in the home or care setting of their choice.

Working for ResMed

When you work with ResMed, you will not only be part of an amazing team, you will be free to be the person you are. We value diversity in thought, experience and life and that’s the culture we work hard to cultivate. In every area of the business we are committed to supporting every employee to forge their own path and build their career.

We value the contribution of every member of our team and understand that to attract and keep the very best talent, we need to recognise these contributions every day.

And we do.

You can expect a competitive salary package, a great range of benefits and opportunities for your professional and career development.

Shape Your Future With ResMed

Every day at ResMed we imagine and research, we create and we build. Whatever your speciality and whatever your ambition, every day is a new opportunity to do amazing things and lead the way in creating life-changing technology.

ResMed’s out-of-hospital software platforms support medical professionals and caregivers in helping people faced with chronic disease to stay healthier and happier at home or in the care setting of their choice.

Together we’re shaping the future.

Why people join us?

We’ve developed a value proposition that supports the brand and our broader business and performance objectives:

Vision ResMed 2025

250 million lives improved in out-of- hospital healthcare by 2025.


Empower people to live healthier and higher quality lives in the comfort of their home.

Growth focus

Global COVID-19 pandemic, health epidemics in sleep apnea, COPD, other major chronic conditions and caring for patients with SaaS solutions in out-of-hospital setting

Growth advantage

Transform patient care through innovative solutions and tech-driven integrated care to drive superior outcomes, experiences and efficiency

Growth foundations

High performing, diverse and entrepreneurial people

Industry-leading innovation and business excellence

Advanced analytics leadership in our markets

We asked our people why they joined us and why they stay and created our value prop from their response:

I will shape the future

I will do amazing things

I will feel valued and rewarded

I will be free to be me

Belonging, Diversity & Inclusion

ResMed is a place where everyone belongs.

Our commitment to fostering belonging is woven into the fabric of our day-to-day activities. Everything we do is influenced by our desire for all team members to feel heard, valued and accepted – to feel included. This informs all of our interactions, communications, hiring practices, policies and decisions. We work hard to create a safe and inclusive environment that values diversity.

Employee Resource Groups

Our ERGs and Mosaic groups naturally cultivate a sense of belonging and help foster a diverse and inclusive workplace through their events and internal and external partnerships. We call this practice BIDS as a way to ensure we are always focused on supporting Belonging, Inclusion and Diversity for Success, and our ERG groups have an integral role in that practice.

Any employee can join one or all groups and such participation is integral to ResMed’s business strategy around engagement and inclusion. The groups’ respective goals are measurable and aligned with ResMed’s business goals and values.

ABLE: ABLE stands for Abilities Beyond Limited Expectations. ABLE is an inclusive ERG, who's mission is to provide a safe space of support and resources for employees of all abilities, as well as caregivers of those who are differently-abled.

ASPIRE: ASPIRE stands for Asian Pacific Islander Representation and Empowerment and supports members of the Asian & Pacific Islander community in bringing their whole selves to the workplace, while still being valued and supported to reach their highest potential.

Black Excellence: Black Excellence enables ResMed to be a leader in its commitment to diversity, inclusion, and belonging by empowering Black employees to develop their leadership skills, inspire their communities, and deliver meaningful contributions that support ResMed strategic objectives for growth.

HoLA: HoLA's goal is to develop a powerful network of employees and together celebrate the richness of the Latino culture, promote education and awareness about the disparities affecting its members and their families and be at service thru collaboration with other ERGs and community outreach. .

LEAN: The purpose of LEAN, Ladies Empowering Active Networking, is to create a better ResMed by empowering women to reach their full potential at work and in life, with a focus on professional development and networking opportunities.

LEANinSales: LEANinSales establishes an inclusive ERG for women in sales in North America to network, collaborate, and build community through discussions that educate, inspire, and empower members to thrive.

LEANinCAN: LEANinCAN's mission is to bring awareness to the Canadian ResMed team and build better allyship across the entire business.

LEANinSaaS: LEANinSaaS is an inclusive ERG empowering everyone in SaaS to work together to bridge the gender gap.

ResPect: At ResMed we strive to create a workplace where everyone feels comfortable to be themselves. The vision of our Respect group is: 'A RESPECTful ResMed where LGBTIQA+ people belong and diversity is celebrated.”

Veterans: Veterans serves to connect current, retired, and separated US Veterans and their friends and family members while building a strong community by providing resources, access to informational events and community outreach, and participating in recruiting opportunities.

Mosaic Ireland: Mosaic Ireland aims to foster an inclusive workplace; to increase awareness and appreciation of diversity (including ethnicity, gender, age, sexuality, education, thought, language, family status, disability); to create a safe space for ResMed Ireland to learn and practice inclusive behaviors.

Mosaic France: Mosaic France brings our diversity policy and ambition to the ResMed France office and achieve increased awareness, commitment, and engagement of our teammates.

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