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Leaders in Call Intelligence

Connecting and powering calls, from campaign to conversion. Call Intelligence provides real-time, actionable insight into what makes the phone ring, for marketers to optimize campaigns and call centres to maximize the value of sales. If the phone is an integral part of your customer's buying journey, make every call count

It started like all the best stories do...
over a pint.

ResponseTap came about over a few beers in a university bar and a conversation between Ross and Richard about the disconnect between online and offline customer journeys. Within two years, they had launched their campaign level tracking project, the first in Europe to be integrated with Google Analytics. Two years later and visitor level tracking was live, the business had 100 customers and ResponseTap had joined the Telegraph's Tech Start-Up 100 most promising technology start-ups in Europe. Today, having raised £4m in funding, the business has 80 staff, 50 new customers every month, offices in London, Manchester and Atlanta, and billions of web visits, phone calls and associated transactions processed every day.

Probably the best round they ever bought.

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"We've always been about finding innovative solutions to complex problems. About making life easier for marketing and sales teams, and better experiences for customers."

Founder and CEO, Ross Fobian

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