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St James’s Place Academy
St James’s Place Academy

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About us

As a leading FTSE 100 financial planning and wealth management business our success has been built on establishing long lasting, highly personal relationships and giving advice that clients trust as it enables them to achieve a stable financial future. These services are offered to individuals and business owners of all age ranges, across the affluent and high-net-worth markets, in the UK and in Asia. 

Our St. James’s Place Advisers are among the country’s leading financial professionals and we support their ongoing professional development to ensure they remain as well qualified and technically able as possible. We believe that this success is reliant upon the creation of a truly inclusive and diverse environment where broad perspectives are embraced, and individuality is respected

St. James’s Place Academy

In order to continue the growth of our business, the St. James’s Place Academy was launched in 2012 which is successfully established across the UK in four locations: London, Solihull, Manchester and Edinburgh. The Academy offers an unrivalled career change opportunity which requires no previous experience in the financial industry and provides high calibre second careerists to qualify into financial planners over a two-year period, through an extensive education and assessment-based programme while receiving continual support from a development manager and a mentor from day one. 

At the end of the programme, Academists will graduate from the Academy and into the St. James’s Place Partnership of over 4000 Partners and Advisers which includes 500+ Academy graduates who have either started their own financial planning and wealth management business or work as an Adviser for one of our many established Practices throughout the UK. 

St James’s Place aims to create and remain a vibrant place of work, where difference is recognised as a strength and where talented people can flourish and achieve their highest potential. We understand that diverse teams and inclusive environments provide the foundations for creativity, innovation and business growth. That’s why we will aim to attract, qualify and develop the best people from all walks of life and from all backgrounds. Our focus is on building a community with equal opportunities where everyone has clarity of purpose and feels valued.

The Academy will continue to invest in its career change programme and plans to create approximately 1,500 new Adviser opportunities in the UK over the next 5 years.   We will help many of these individuals to set up their own business, which in turn will help the growth of Small Medium Enterprises in the UK.

Other financial training


In addition to the St. James’s Place Academy programme there are a couple of alternative opportunities available for those individuals who are currently working at, or have a pre-existing relationship, with one of our St. James’s Place Practices.



Paraplanner Academy

The Paraplanner Academy develops individuals to become fully qualified, decision-making Paraplanners who can provide expert support to the St. James's Place Partnership.


For more information please contact: [email protected]

Next Generation Academy

The Next Generation Academy is aimed at individuals who currently work in a St. James’s Place Practice in a supporting role but would like to take their career to the next level and gain the necessary skills and qualification to provide financial advice to clients.


For more information please contact: [email protected]

St. James’s Place is excited to be a founding member of LGBT Great's Investment Industry Benchmark Tracker. We passionately believe in the importance of LGBT+ inclusion as demonstrated by the launch in 2017 of our Equality Wealth business, serving the financial advice needs of the LGBT+ community. We look forward to working closely with LGBT Great to champion greater inclusiveness of LGBT+ talent both within St. James’s Place and the wider investment industry.

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    Jenny Sheanon spent most of her life hiding her trans identity – now she helps others who want to be themselves and achieve their goals.Jenny, one of St James's Place's Academy Advisers from their Solihull office, shares her honest experience of being transgender. Jenny is one of the few specialist transgender financial advisers in the UK. When she...

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    Changing careers may sound daunting but with the St. James’s Place Academy, we’ve supported hundreds of people just like you to make the smooth transition to becoming a successful financial planner.At this event, you will have the opportunity to hear what it’s like to be a financial planner from people who have been in exactly your position. They w...

    Date Mar 23, 2021 18:30 BST

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