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Synechron inclusive employer

About Synechron

At Synechron, we believe in the power of digital to transform businesses for the better. Our global consulting firm combines creativity and innovative technology to deliver industry-leading digital solutions. Synechron’s progressive technologies and optimization strategies span end-to-end Artificial Intelligence, Consulting, Digital, Cloud & DevOps, Data, and Software Engineering, servicing an array of noteworthy financial services and technology firms. Through research and development initiatives in our FinLabs we develop solutions for modernization, from Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to Data Science models, Digital Underwriting, mobile-first applications and more. Over the last 20+ years, our company has been honored with multiple employer awards, recognizing our commitment to our talented teams. With top clients to boast about, Synechron has a global workforce of 14,500+, and has 43 offices in 18 countries within key global markets. For more information on the company, please visit our website or LinkedIn community. 

Synechron Quick Facts:

• 14,500+ Team Members Globally

• 100+ Marquee Financial Institutions

• 43 Offices Across 18 Countries

• Vertical Focused on Financial Services & Big Tech

• Specialists Artificial Intelligence, Consulting, Digital, Cloud & DevOps, Data, Software Engineering

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Our Core Values

We’re big believers in the idea that our business and our community are driven by embracing a handful of key attributes:

• Client-first

• Integrity

• Agility

• Execution

• Excellence

Working at Synechron

We’ve been a consistent, award-winning employer of choice, offering employees an opportunity to build solutions at the intersection of creativity and innovative technology as they lead digital optimization/modernization journeys in partnership with our clients.

We support the career development of our teams by encouraging collaboration and providing learning and development programs, networking opportunities, mentorship and upskilling programs, and much more.

But, of course, we have fun outside of the office, too! Our global teams always look for ways to join together through exciting employee engagement activities, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs, and more. We also incorporate virtual activities for employees who are not able to be in the office.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

With Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), we don’t talk the talk, we walk the walk. Synechron’s DEI program, Same Difference, was crafted to create an inclusive culture that supports everyone.

Our workplace culture champions persons of all colors, cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, lifestyles and choices, and we support our employees with multiple programs designed to celebrate and encourage their uniqueness. These programs include cross-global working groups, webinars, targeted training/retraining programs, knowledge sessions, unconscious bias discussions, and more.

We believe that the best way to build a strong team is to value individual differences. So, it doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you’ve had to do to get here – if you have the skills, enthusiasm, and drive to make your mark, we’ll support you like we support each other.

Our DEI Initiatives:

• Campus Pride

• Gender Networks & Girls in Tech

• Tech She Can

• We Have Your Back (Women Back to Work) Program

• The Better ME! Mentorship Program

Campus Pride

Synechron and Campus Pride Partner to Promote and Align Diversity Initiatives and Expand LGBTQ Career Opportunities
We at Synechron are immensely proud to have partnered with Campus Pride to help them achieve their goal. Founded in 2001, Campus Pride continues to build future leaders and safer campus communities for LGBTQ individuals. It exists to develop, support and give “voice and action” in building future LGBTQ awareness and ally student leaders. With them, we look forward to hiring more diverse and championed individuals who will be the torchbearers of Digital Transformation.

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