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About Synechron

Synechron is a leading digital transformation consulting firm and is working to Accelerate Digital initiatives for banks, asset managers, and insurance companies around the world. Synechron uniquely delivers these firms end-to-end Digital, Consulting, and Technology capabilities with expertise in wholesale banking, wealth management, and insurance as well as emerging technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science.  

Synechron Quick-Facts:

  • Founded in 2001
  • Headquartered in New York
  • Global Headcount 11,000+
  • Presence in 22 Countries
  • Privately-held and Self-funded since inception
  • $650M+ Annual Revenue
  • Focused on Financial Services Industry
  • Specialists in Digital Innovation & Transformation

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Our Core Values

Any successful business has to have the ‘right’ culture and the people in the business have to not only share that culture but to fully believe in it and demonstrate it in the way they conduct themselves and their business. Our employee-friendly policies, core values, and ethics lie at the core of our work culture. 

The Synechron Core Values are Excellence, Integrity, Customer-First, Agility, and Execution.

Working at Synechron

Our Power of 3: Digital, Consulting & Technology Capabilities, Diverse & Global Culture, Global Travel & Networking opportunities, Learning & Development programs, Fun at work, Work-life balance, and career growth makes us an Employer of Choice.

We offer a variety of challenging and interesting work and projects across the globe, encourage creative/collaboration among teams, provide inspiring leadership and mentoring opportunities to help grow your career, offer learning & development and upskilling opportunities, offer numerous opportunities for making a difference through corporate citizenship and community/charitable service programs, and we firmly believe in a diverse and inclusive culture. In addition, although COVID-19 has restricted many of our shared activities, we always look for ways to join together as teams and have fun outings, games, and virtual activities.

Need more reasons to join us? Check this video 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Synechron's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiative named Same Difference is committed to fostering an inclusive culture – one which promotes equality, values diversity, and encourages an environment that is respectful to all.

At Synechron, we are extremely proud of our culturally diverse Synechron family! Our strength lies in embracing the diversity of thoughts, backgrounds, and values and cultivating an atmosphere that helps to celebrate the unique life experiences, knowledge and talents each of us possess.

Synechron aspires to be a responsible, fair, ethical and diverse “local” business wherever it operates. This is about creating one Synechron for all employees that no matter where they are, they have a strong sense of belonging and are connected, passionate and committed to the global organization.

Our DEI Initiatives

  • Professional Diversity Network
  • Campus Pride
  • Gender Networks & Girls in Tech
  • Back to Work for Women 
  • The Better ME Program
  • SyneTribe

Click here to learn more about our DEI initiatives and how you can get involved. 

Campus Pride

Synechron and Campus Pride Partner to Promote and Align Diversity Initiatives and Expand LGBTQ Career Opportunities

We at Synechron are immensely proud to have partnered with Campus Pride to help them achieve their goal. Founded in 2001, Campus Pride continues to build future leaders and safer campus communities for LGBTQ individuals. It exists to develop, support and give “voice and action” in building future LGBTQ awareness and ally student leaders. With them, we look forward to hiring more diverse and championed individuals who will be the torchbearers of Digital Transformation.

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    The PRIDE month has just ended in June, and the entire global landscape is left buzzing with campaigns and programs that workplaces have initiated to support the PRIDE sentiment. I strongly feel that these initiatives and the buzz about PRIDE should not be short-lived for just the month that celebrates it. It needs to be an ongoing effort and c...

    Read more
    Oscar T.

    Great Inclusive Fun Outstanding Fast Passing place to work!

    I have been here for a while and MAN! this place is home! actually very fast passed and boiling with new exciting technologies! nevermind nothing just come here and have fun while working! if you are fresh you will start with the right foot, if you are more like a seasoned professional you will totally break your limits, always doing something and most important something new.

    most importantly, we really really really REALLY!!! believe than united we stand! all nationalities all genders all thinking all preferences are extremelly welcome here! the wider the thought the better the team, you will certainly find a place like home in here so come and do it, we are in this to win this. for me has been a life and career changing experience. don't say no, never say never.

    Highly recommend this wonderful place. WORK HARD PLAY HARD MAN!

    Nicolas W.

    I have been working for this organisation for two years and I can confidently say that it is an incredibly progressive company. Not only is it a leading institution in FinTech, it leads with its inclusion of all races, sexes, beliefs and ideals.

    This wonderfully diverse company makes sure that its employees are highly respected and it strives towards an ever inclusive society, making everyone feel welcome.

    I have been with Synechron London for almost three years. I am from Brazil and this has been my first corporate experience in the UK. Synechron people are what I have always loved the most. It is always a pleasure to join the team during the various events we have throughout the year, or just stop for a quick chat in the office.

    As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I really appreciate the effort the company is making with its Diversity and Inclusion efforts. It is amazing the number of projects that are in place and all the activities prepared by the DEI group for all employees. The fact that there are so many senior members of the company from multiple locations across the globe involved in this group, only shows how serious diversity and inclusion is been treated in the company. There will always be room for improvement, but I am happy they are already taking the first steps.

    In addition to that, we have the CSR group who are always bringing amazing initiatives to support the local community and other groups in need such as visits to elderly care homes, food donations, kayaking in the Thames to fundraise, cleaning projects and Christmas shoebox donations to name a few.

    I think I can easily say I couldn't ask for a better place to start my professional career.

    Kailash P.

    I have been working with Synechron for 4 years now and it has been most satisfying time of my career so far. Not only in terms of career progression but also I have evolved so much culturally by working with some wonderful colleagues and leaders. Synechron provides a safe and healthy environment to work, grow and have fun for people from all walks of life and takes pride in its diversity.
    Being a part of DEI core group at Synechron, I get to see first hand, how enthusiastic, involved and invested all the leaders and members are to consistently make Synechron a better place to work for each and every employee.

    Anil V.

    I am with Synechron since last 10 months to realize that Synechron is an excellent place to work with. Lot more to learn, practically as well as theoretically here. Strategic Management is committed to create value for people by shaping their career as per their area of interest & proven profile. Most of the time I found myself surrounded by good colleagues, subordinates and managers. Company focuses on creating leaders instead of bosses.

    Synechron is truly AGILE company where continuous inspection is there with transparency to adapt best processes for overall improvement. It seems that company has Agile Manifesto in it's DNA.


    Very Good Company

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