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One environment. Countless communities

TRIVU is an environment with room for anyone with a drive for changing the world. Whether you study, you work, you are a park philosopher or Doctor Cum Laude from Real Life University. We really do not mind.

We are looking for young talent because of their eagerness and devotion.
Talent and hunger. Do you have it in you?

Young talent, mucho more than age

Age is not but one of the -thousands? millions?- characteristics that define you. That is why TRIVU emerges as a new concept of young talent which transcends the number of candles you blew on your last birthday cake, and is in seek of a different attitude. People who:

Thinks outside the box

We are looking for brave people who will go beyond what they have always been told that they have to do. Why think out of the box? Make your cat a house with that box!

Talk without fear

One of those people who know what they want and they will ask for it. The ones that do not play along the "look, listen and be quiet" style.

Act limitless

Those who can see further ahead. Just because they have one only life and they will not waste it walking always the same path, right? You set your own limits.

    En Trivu creemos y defendemos la importancia de poder ser auténtico, así como la activación del talento joven a cualquier edad mediante oportunidades, retos y comunidades. 👉 DESCARGA EL ESTUDIO AQUÍ 👈

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    THE CRAZIEST TALENT FESTIVALUnleash is the largest international talent festival designed and driven by and for the youth, where knowledge, enjoyment and excitement converge in one unique experience.It is an unconventional 3-day lasting event held every year in Madrid, Spain for more than 1.000 youth who come from more...

    Date Sep 11, 2019
    Spain / Madrid

    Este evento va de ti y de mi. De cómo nos comportamos y lo más importante, de cómo somos. Porque todos somos auténticos, tenemos una serie de características que nos hacen únicos y no tenemos que avergonzarnos por ello.En esta jornada nos hemos rodeado de personas diversas y auténticas. Personas que, como tú y como yo, trabajan con esfuerzo y que a...

    Date Jul 3, 2019
    Spain / Madrid

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