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WTW inclusive employer

I am so proud to work for an organisation that truly understands the value of an inclusive and diverse workplace and culture. It is important to me that I am able to be my authentic self at work and Willis Towers Watson supports this. There is a business wide commitment to ensuring we have an inclusive and diverse workplace and I am impressed by the level of activity to drive this and the support from senior leadership. For anyone who holds the same values and strives for success, this is definitely the company for you!

Willis Towers Watson is extremely supportive of Diversity and Inclusion. As an expert advisory company, they know what to do, and how to do it properly. The network and champions are very active, and leadership is completely supportive. There are also many opportunities for advancement, regardless of how you identify. Definitely a great company to work for.

I am impressed that our company values and initiatives are always rooted from promoting an inclusive work environment and empowering diversity. We are a company that does not look only for "Culture Fit" but "Culture Add" - what can you bring to the team? How can you contribute towards the success of the business? As a young professional, this is important for me because we are given an ample space to work on our own whilst being mentored well by our colleagues, who do not necessarily sit together with me as they are in London and I am in Manila.

Willis Towers Watson has moved from strength to strength in its I&D journey and is a place I can truly say I’m proud to work. Since my first day in my role I felt included and respected, and I am surrounded by inspiring peers who make me strive to be the best version of myself and celebrate me for what makes me different. I’m so excited for what is yet to come for the UK LGBT+ network and am incredibly proud to be serving the committee.

I am proud to be part of a family where Inclusion and Diversity is given priority. Our leadership team is making a lot of efforts to support our I&D initiatives. I'm new to the team and I never felt excluded. People around would want you to feel included and that your opinion matters. Willis Towers Watson is very open and we got a very diverse team that will make you proud that you are part of such an amazing organization.

I continue to be proud of the work Willis Towers Watson has done to ensure all colleagues can bring their whole selves to work. In my near 14 years employed, I have never spent a day in the closet and I've enjoyed the networking that our [email protected] Inclusion Network has afforded all of us around the world. We continue to strive to make all of our rewards, benefits and programs inclusive for all colleagues, regardless of your sexual orientation, gender identity, race, religion, ethnicity, language, culture or anything else that makes you a stand-out individual.

Fabulous company, really working hard to continuously improve I&D and learn how to best support it's people. A great welcoming environment where they are keen to develop your skills (personal and professional) to ensure they get the best out of you, not only for themselves but your own growth as well. A really rich, diverse team with lots of experience and great networks to be a part of too, highly recommend working here!

Willis Towers Watson has always allowed me to bring my whole self to work. I have always felt included and supported to be open about my sexual orientation and also my ethnic background. Our I&D networks are a key part of the culture and values the Company is committed to. I'm so proud to be part of an amazing LGBT+ committee and to work alongside outstanding like-minded individuals.

When I first started working, I was in an office at a company that was not inclusive and I could not be myself. After I left that company and came to Willis Towers Watson, all of my concerns about bringing my whole self to work melted away. As a great example of how my personal experience was when my direct manager attended one of the company's Ally Trainings and put a rainbow flag in the window in his office. I've since gotten involved with the LGBT+ inclusion network I've been able to be a part of the progress we've made as a company and continue to make for further equality.

I started as a pension analyst for legacy Towers Perrin in 1989. I moved to legacy Watson Wyatt in 1997. Many years and a few mergers later, I have enjoyed a 30+ year career at Willis Towers Watson as a pension actuary. 20ish years doing pension consulting and then 10ish in pension outsourcing. All this took place in the Boston area, but today I work with colleagues all over the east coast (plus groups in Manila and Mumbai).

Career-wise, working at Willis Towers Watson has been super. At points long the way I personally questioned my path, and every time was able to find new opportunities AND people within the firm to support my wish for change. The ultimate goal is to find a role that plays to my strengths as well as fits what I enjoy doing. For me, WTW has encouraged this, since the outcome is a win/win. If I am good at what I do, and am having fun doing it, we all end up in a better place!

Since we are here on myGwork, I also want to say I am very proud of the work WTW does in North America and globally to support the LGBT+ community. I am a committed Ally, the head of "[email protected]" for Boston, and very involved with the national OUT network. I am also an Unconscious Bias trainer. There are many people like me as well, and our collective goal is to make sure all LGBT+ colleagues feel they are treated exactly the same as their straight colleagues. Our global head of the LGBT+ inclusion network told me that she knows of colleagues who are more comfortable being their full self at work than they are in the rest of their lives. That says a lot!

Trabajar en WTW ha sido el gran reto profesional de mi vida. Su cultura de empresa me ha permitido crecer como persona, en un ambiente de trabajo que premia la autenticidad.

Esta visión no solo se queda en la relación entre las personas que estamos en WTW, va más allá, la forma de relacionarnos con nuestros clientes y en los networks a los que pertenecemos es desde esos valores de diversidad e inclusión.

Uno de estos espacios es myGwork, que nos ha permitido pertenecer a un ecosistema de empresas inclusivas, sensibilizar en temas que no estaban en la agenda y que han llegado de su mano, y tener una ventana abierta a que se sumen a WTW profesionales con background mucho mas variado, tanto en su recorrido profesional, como vital.

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