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About Us

Yahoo is a global media and advertising company connecting people to their passions. With one of the largest online audiences in the world, Yahoo brings people closer to what they love -- from finance and commerce, to gaming and news -- with the trusted products, content and tech that fuel their day. For partners, we provide a full-stack platform to amplify businesses and drive more meaningful connections across advertising, search and media.

Our Values

We stand for integrity, respect, performance excellence, social responsibility and accountability. We reach beyond products and services, connecting our customers to a larger truth about what we do and why it matters.

Working At Yahoo

Spend every day connecting people with the things they love. Put technologies like XR, AI, and 5G to work. And make the digital world a better place. For all of us. Be yourself. That’s who we’re hiring. Our culture celebrates and supports the differences that make each of us unique. It’s how we build better products for the world...and career growth for you.

Winning Through Diversity And Inclusion

Yahoo is committed to fostering an inclusive environment. We care about diversity in both our employees and our suppliers. Diversity and inclusion is how we achieve success. By celebrating diversity across all spectrums, including but not limited to race, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, veteran/military status, and age, we are a stronger company and culture.

We take pride in our talented and diverse team of people who focus on our customers, every day. Their combined intelligence, spirit and creativity make Yahoo a great place to work, learn and grow.

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