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Zimmer Biomet inclusive employer
Zimmer Biomet

I am proud to say I work at Zimmer Biomet. ZB takes initiative to promote well-being FOR ALL. From establishing Employee Resource Groups, such as Exhale, to inclusion of our benefits. I can be myself with my team. Our leadership team doesn't just "talk the talk", they are making sure we are all "walking the walk" as well.

Having worked at Zimmer Biomet for many years now, I can say it's truly great seeing how strongly the people and leadership support all their employees. Being able to see leadership and upper management take the time to truly understand their employees, has made the company feel more like a home than anything else. I love being apart of our employee resource group EXHALE to help ensure current, as well as future, employees can feel welcome, loved and encouraged for who they really are.

It is so great working for a company that values their employees and makes sure that all team members feel that Zimmer Biomet is an inclusive and safe place to work.

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