Dramatically increase your company's visibility with LGBT candidates in 2016

by Darren Cooper

Workplace diversity has never been as great a priority for as many organisations than it is at present. 2015 saw a great deal of valuable media coverage for companies that are taking a leading role with regard to providing a more inclusive workplace environment, especially for their LGB and T employees. 

It is fair to say that resources and out role models can greatly assist organisations in getting featured on the now numerous lists that showcase the leading LGBT-welcoming companies and their most senior LGBT employees, but all companies can harness the growing importance of LGBT workplace equality, and the dramatic increase in the popularity of professional networks in today's recruitment landscape to enhance their own diversity recruitment efforts.

Data released last year by Linkedin, which is featured in the graphic below, shows the growing importance that professional networks now have in the recruitment process. As well as providing access to the top talent available, professional networks can offer companies the opportunity to promote their employer brand and showcase why their company is a good fit for future employees. 

However, a one size fits all approach is not necessarily the most effective approach when talking to diverse groups, and the showcasing of specific diversity initiatives and employee resource groups will have the most impact when communicated directly at the groups that they are designed to help.

The benefits for organisations in having well implemented LGBT diversity initiatives are many and include increased teamwork, productivity and innovation. Recent research also strongly suggests that where workers are able to be out at work they are significantly less likely to be thinking of leaving their jobs than those who remain in the closet. This has major cost implications for companies who want to not only attract, but also retain the best LGBT talent in an increasingly competitive talent marketplace. offers companies the opportunity to increase their visibility with LGBT professionals and graduates in just such a networking environment. Organisations are able to have their own dedicated space on the website and target content that is directly relevant to potential LGBT employees. Existing employees, be they out LGBT staff or senior executive sponsors can also register a personal profile which helps to reinforce the importance that is placed on workplace diversity, and can also show that there are no barriers for individuals who choose to be themselves at that particular organisation. 

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