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Introducing myGwork
Academy, our new
e-Learning hub

Decisions on DE&I learning for your team will be some of the most important decisions you make.

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Why myGwork Academy?

Relevant and Practical Content

  • Developed by DE&I experts and specialist content advisors
  • Structured around easy-to-remember frameworks
  • Highly interactive with a variety of media and activities (not just read-click-test)
  • Practical exercises based on real-world simulations
  • Complemented by a formal assessment and certificate of achievement to reflect accomplishment
  • Focused on driving behavioural change, with tools such as a call to action

Fast and Easy Integration

The myGwork Academy brings industry-leading DE&I content to the front-line with fast and flexible integration into your learning program, so you can focus on what counts: getting impactful training to where it matters.

Our Courses

Our content is modular - pick and choose the combination of modules that fits your learning program best.

Course 1: Workplace Inclusion & Allyship

This course introduces the fundamentals of allyship, through our CO-EXIST framework – covered over two key modules of 30 minutes each:


Module 1: Introduction to allyship

  • COntext and History: Ancient civilizations, LGBTQ+ pioneers & The Stonewall Liberation
  • EXpression and Identity: Markers of identity and expression & creating your own "identity print"


Module 2: Get involved

  • ISsues and challenges faced: Challenges and opportunities & the importance of inclusivity
  • True allyship: How to be an effective ally & Language and pronouns
  • Testing your toolkit: “What type of ally are you?” & “Call to action”

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