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Clinical Systems Informatics Administrator

Summary of Job Duties:

The Clinical Systems Informatics Administrator contributes to the organization's use of the Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) required to maintain the

organization's operational and financial effectiveness and competitive position.
The job responsibilities focus on using judgement, analysis, and independent decision making in order to meet the organization's use of CTMS in the following areas: ensuring proficient use of CTMS by users within the organization; training users of CTMS processes; implementing processes within the CTMS that streamline workflow for each department; resolution of CTMS helpdesk tickets; and management of CTMS new releases and enhancements. Additional job
duties may be assigned by the Director of Clinical Systems Informatics within this scope. Travel to sites for training and/or implementation of CTMS may be necessary.

Working under the guidance of senior staff, this position will provide program implementation, operational and maintenance support for our server environment. The goal of this position is to maintain a stable systems environment with minimal downtime and maximum performance.

Essential Job Duties:

1. Maintains a thorough knowledge of the organization and adheres to all organizational standards.
2. Keeps immediate supervisor well-informed of activities and recommends corrective actions.
3. Collaborates with identified stakeholders to assist in development of organizational needs to develop process within CTMS for better workflow.
4. Identifies organizational needs, addresses any problems, and develops processes within CTMS. Collaborates with related departments on organizational processes perform using CTMS.
5. Synthesizes data, information, and knowledge to clarify CTMS issues or problems. Implements processes that streamline reporting within CTMS.
6. Develops ideas, formulates, evaluates, and implements a plan for modifying CTMS changes as needed; analyzes multiple approaches/solutions for a specific issue or problem within CTMS.
7. Optimizes CTMS to function efficiently and effectively within the organization.
8. Resolution of helpdesk tickets specific to CTMS issues and questions including but not limited to: visits completed in error with payments issued against them; assignment of staff to roles and rights as needed; responding as necessary with re-training opportunities; etc. Confidential proprietary information of Clinical Research Advantage, Inc. ONLY - not to be duplicated. Effective 4/5/2018
9. Develops and delivers training programs specific to CTMS processes.
10. Assists in delivering training to staff and/or new locations as needed.
11. Provides appropriate support to all staff within organization who use CTMS.
12. Collaborates with vendor and organization's stakeholders in CTMS new release management including testing of new features; set up of new features; development of processes related to new features; implementation and rollout; and processing and resolution of any identified issues.
13. Assists in tracking of any identified bugs, defects or enhancement CTMS requests from within organization.
14. Respects confidentiality in discussing consumer/participant, staff, volunteer and organizational matters; also maintains confidentiality of organization, project, fiscal and personnel related information.
15. May perform other duties not specifically listed in this job description as assigned by the Director of Clinical Systems Informatics.


Job Qualification:


Bachelor's degree in healthcare related field or an equivalent combination of education and/or equivalent work experience in clinical coordinating, training management, and/or clinical trial management systems software experience is required. Licenses, etc.: N/A

Required Skills:
  • Experience with back end database experience. Preferably Microsoft SQL Server. SQL a must.
  • Experience with data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) a plus.
  • Exceptional organizational skills, attention to detail and follow through;
  • Strong proficiency in operation of computer systems. Preferred knowledge in CTMS;
  • Strong knowledge and experience of clinical trial processes;
  • Ability to train staff and provide guidance on CTMS processes;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
  • Confidential proprietary information of Clinical Research Advantage, Inc. ONLY - not to be duplicated.
  • Excellent ability to collaborate across departments and disciplines.
  • Well-developed interpersonal skills and the ability to work well independently as well as with co-workers, peers, supervisors and external customers;
  • Ability to effectively and efficiently handle multiple tasks simultaneously with precision and adapt to changes in responsibilities and workloads;
  • Must be professional, possess a high degree of urgency and self-motivation, and have a strong work ethic;
  • Must possess a high degree of integrity and ability to maintain confidentiality with HIPAA guidelines, patient matters and other confidential information.

Diversity Statement

PPD is proud to be an affirmative action employer that values diversity as a strength and fosters an environment of mutual respect. PPD is committed to providing equal employment opportunities without regard to age, race, color, pregnancy, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status or status within any other protected group.

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