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The Walt Disney Company

Athletic Trainer 1

Job Summary:

As an Athletic Trainer at Shanghai Disney Resort, you will be involved in the development and implementation of sports training programs for Cast Members of entertainment shows. You will work closely with senior athletic trainers and show management teams how to monitor and maintain the quality of each athletic training program to help prevent injuries and reduce the risk of injury to Cast Members.


You will responsible for development and execution of on the job training for new Athletic Trainers;

• You will partner with the Senior Athletic Trainer, management, and show teams to proactively integrate resources to develop targeted sports training programs to help actors prevent injuries and reduce the risk of injury;

• You will be responsible for the management of the overall training schedule for all Athletic Training Programs;

• You will supervise and maintain the quality of Athletic Training programs, manage the effectiveness of sports rehabilitation and athletic training;

• You will manage inventory management of therapy vendors and fitness equipment;

• You will conduct analysis of acute and chronic issues to look for trends and provide guidance to the team;

• You will design physical health and stamina-related programs for performers;

• You need to provide exercise, stretching and conditioning instruction for performers;

• You need to provide sports rehab and recovery advice on related injuries to performers (Cast Members) as needed;

• You will observe show and give advice to prevent injuries;

• You need to provide basic first aid to related injuries;

• You need to help maintain injury database and provide guidance to the Management team;

• You will support the Senior Athletic Trainer in operation management and be the contact person as back up Senior Athletic Trainer.

Basic Qualifications:

At least 2 Years of Experience in Athletic Therapy, Entertainment, Sports or other related industry required;

• Graduates of sports rehabilitation and human movement science or related disciplines;

• Have basic first aid skills;

• Self-starter with demonstrated ability to give direction, instruct and motivate front-line Cast Members and peers and manage multiple priorities;

• Demonstrated ability to manage multiple priorities;

• Outgoing, empathetic with excellent interpersonal and communication skills;

• Fluent in both English and Mandarin;

• Good team player and demonstrated ability to show empathy to others.

Additional Information:


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