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Willis Towers Watson

Lead Associate - Retirement - Actuarial

aEUR Position OverviewaEUR'

As an Retirement consultant, you will work beside some of the industry"EURTMs top consultants while you develop cutting edge technical knowledge and skills.

You will have immediate exposures to real client assignments which will draw on your imagination and creativity as well as your ability to learn Willis Towers Watson"EURTMs practices and analyse information, draw conclusions and present results with quality and speed. These experiences will help build your technical knowledge and overall industry expertise while you benefit from more structured learning interventions that are tailored to the business area you join.

aEUR Job DescriptionaEUR'

(1) Retirement plan strategy and design & Financial Plan Management

(2) Actuarial Services and Support

(3) Retirement Plan Financial Management

(4) Defined Benefit Pension Administration

(5) Merge and acquisition benefit integration

aEUR Performance ObjectivesaEUR'


(1) Follow and help to manage required Performance Excellence policies

(2) Capable to identify realistic turnaround times on individual pieces of work.

(3) Probe actual client"EURTMs needs and support cross-selling.


(1) Create and implement own career development plan with guidance from manager and other feedback sources

(2) Cooperate with juniors staff through project management


(1) Build up strong client relationship

(2) Well manage and handle assigned TMO clients

(3) Develop an understanding of client"EURTMs general operating principles, e.g. team structure, issues and constraints etc., through own research and talking to colleagues.


(1) Share responsibility of team business goal

(2) Achieve clear goals of billable hours

(3) Communicate with constituents in a timely, clear, concise and accurate manner

(4) Manage project utilization to ensure profitability on assigned accounts/projects

Major at Actuarial Science/Math/Statistics or having SOA certificates is a plus.
1. Excellent analytical skills.
2. High energy individual looking for a dynamic, growth oriented environment.
3. Strong written and oral communication skills in Chinese and English.
4. 1-2 years experience, ideally in a consulting environment.
5. Excellent interpersonal skills, ability to work well with other team members.
6. Ability to think strategically and to understand business issues of client.
7. Experience in providing innovative and client-focused solutions to address business issues at strategic level.

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