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Being LGBTQ+ in Sports

Many lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people find organised sports to be intimidating and alienating, having experienced homophobia and transphobia within sport, particularly school sport, from an early age.

What can we do about this? 

How do we make our teams and clubs more inclusive and welcoming?

How can professional athletes lend their voices to help others?

Join us in this webinar to discuss being LGBTQ+ in sports and meet 4 amazing LGBTQ+ athletes. 

This event is co-sponsored by our inclusive partner: 


  • Claire  Harvey
    Claire Harvey
    Head of Inclusive Leadership
  • M
    Chloë Davies
    Chloë Davies
    Head of Training & Engagement (Public/Community)
    Chloe Davies is a proud bisexual woman, mother of two, a creative, workplace advocate, chef and entrepreneur. Her work sees her campaigning for inclusion and equality in social spaces, corporate organisations and the wider community. She spent over 15 years working in retail, artist management and PR before starting her own catering company in 2015. Chloe is Head of PR & Partnerships for myGwork - The global recruitment and networking hub for LGBT+ students, graduates, professionals and organisations who believe in true workplace equality. Overseeing the necessary internal and external conversations surrounding LGBT+ inclusion, training and external consultation. Chloe volunteers with UK Black Pride (UKBP) as the Executive Officer, working closely with the Executive Director and the Board of Trustees to help shape the future of UK Black Pride. She is also the Community Lead for the London Queer Fashion Show - An annual showcase of fashion, identity, and expression. She describes herself as a mental health survivor, openly discussing her own journey with depression and mental health and advocates on usualising these conversations both in and outside of the workplace. In all of her work, which takes Chloe around the globe, she aims to further connect those within the community while educating allies to continue disrupting and push for increased visibility, understanding and appreciation of the communities she works to serve.
  • M
    Michael Gunning
    Michael Gunning
    Professional Athlete / TV Personality
    Team Jamaica
    Michael Gunning is best known as a international competitive swimmer having attended two FINA World Swimming Championships. Holding dual Jamaican and British citizenship, he represented Team GB in the European LEN Cup and after the Rio Olympic Games he changed alliances to represent his fathers heritage of Team Jamaica. Gunning took a break from competing in the Summer of 2018 to participate in the award-winning television series 'The Bi Life' for E! Entertainment & NBC Universal. It was Michael's first public discussion of his sexuality, making him the Caribbean’s first openly gay athlete / swimmer. Since then, Michael is a regular pundit and avid speaker for the sport and recently partnered with Sky Sports, Stonewall and Athlete Ally as a Professional Ambassador/Advocate for LGBTQ+ rights in sport. With a heavy passion for TV Presenting and educational background in Children’s Entertainment, he’s set his sights high on qualifying for the Tokyo Olympic Games and welcomes new and exciting media opportunities in the world of entertainment.
  • M
    Nikki Symmons
    Nikki Symmons
    Global Content Studio Operations and Planning
    Philip Morris International
    Public speaker, multi-brand ambassador, relationship builder and nurturer, transferring 13 years of experience and knowledge as an elite athlete from the sports world into the corporate environment. My extensive experience as an elite athlete in a team sport provides a unique perspective and mindset in an ever changing business environment. Global project management professional, with a vast array of digital platform and social media content creation experience, including working with broadcasters and top partners. 2020 OUTstanding Top 100 LGBT+ Future Leader, by Yahoo Finance 2020/21 Ambassador for Valencia Gay Games 2026 bid 2020/21 PMI Stripes Global Head of Programs and Events (LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group) 2017 EY Women Athletes in Business Mentee 2015 EuroHockey 'Hall of Fame' inductee 2015 Sport for Business list of most Influential Women in Irish Sport 2013 First Irish athlete to reach 200 caps in any sport (male or female) 2013 First Irish Female athlete to 'come out' publicly - Diversity and inclusion role model - Women in sport influencer - Public speaker - Digital sports media - Sponsorship management - Digital strategy & multi-channel content strategy - Experience working in a global organisation with varied backgrounds and cultures
  • Devin Ibanez
    Devin Ibanez
    Professional Rugby Player
    New England Free Jacks
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