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Culture-Centered Strategies to Enhance Support for LGBTQ Black Youth

Research has shown the impact of discrimination and oppression on Black youth who identify as LGBTQ. However, clinicians, educators, and parents of Black LGBTQ youth tend to lack the tools necessary to foster a more accepting environment. Black LGBTQ youth hold, at minimum, two marginalized identities. Current studies of LGBTQ youth reveal that the intersection of being Black and LGBTQ can magnify discrimination and other harmful experiences. Additionally, research has shown the correlation between a lack of acceptance within families, schools, and communities and poor mental health among Black LGBTQ youth; including low self-esteem, depressive symptoms, substance use, and even suicidal ideation. This FREE webinar will feature a panel discussion that will summarize the experiences of Black LGBTQ youth, challenge notions of tolerance versus acceptance, and equip attendees with culture-centered, trauma-informed skills and interventions to be used to best support Black LGBTQ youth in their identity development and overall well-being. Join us for this lively and interactive panel discussion on how we can improve the lives of our Black LGBTQ youth!


Time: Tue, March 21, 202312:00 PM – 1:30 PM CDT

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