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ERG-Onomics: Getting the Best From Your Employee Resource Group [Teaser]

[This is a teaser session of the full workshop]

The workshop is designed to help attendees optimize their Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) effectively. It covers various key aspects crucial for ERG success, including:

  • Identifying objectives and priorities: Discussing how to set clear goals and prioritize initiatives within the ERG.
  • Planning: Strategies for creating effective plans to achieve set objectives and drive impact.
  • Governance, roles, and organization: Exploring the structure of ERGs, including governance frameworks, defined roles, and organizational setup, such as pillars and roles.
  • Resources and recognition: Understanding the need for adequate resources to support ERG activities and the importance of recognizing ERG contributions.
  • Approach: Highlighting different approaches and best practices for running successful ERGs.
  • Key stakeholder mapping and interaction: Identifying and engaging with key stakeholders essential for ERG support and collaboration.

Overall, the workshop aims to equip attendees with the knowledge and tools to enhance their ERGs, foster inclusivity, and drive meaningful change within their organizations.


  • Geffrye Parsons 🌈
    Geffrye Parsons 🌈
    CEO (Chief Empathy Officer)
    The Inclusion Imperative
    Please visit
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