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Events, marketing, communication, & LGBT+ inclusive job adverts

1) Visibility without borders...

We design and execute hundreds of outstanding campaigns each year to attract new talent, gain new customers, and engage with our internal and external communities - simply incredible! Yet, after years of talks about diversity and inclusion, many still struggle to see themselves represented. Inclusion, Belonging, Equality - these words can be heard in the background but what’s the reality? 

In this short, provocative and mindblowing webinar, delivered by Martin Kmiecik, CEO of Diversity Pride, you will learn:

  • What to look for and how you can influence the campaign design process and execution
  • An intersectional approach to build inclusive 
  • How to drive visibility authentically 
  • 360 Degrees - Global approach
The session focuses on visibility in events, marketing and communication used across all departments - don't miss out of your morning eye-opening session!

2) How to write inclusive job adverts

A Diverse workforce is only one step towards creating a workplace where your employees can thrive every day - you also need to build talent acquisition strategies that promote belonging and effectively communicate your employer brand inclusively.

In this webinar, delivered by myGwork, you will learn:

- why inclusion comes first

- how to communicate your employer brand to attract more diverse candidates

- the common errors made in job adverts

- why storytelling is one of the most inclusive approaches to creating an inclusive (LGBT+) job search

In partnership with:

Receive your LGBT+ Inclusion Certificate of Attendance for the WorkPride Global Conference 2020!

(To qualify, you must register and attend a minimum of 5 webinars during the WorkPride Global Conference.)


  • Steve Keith
    Steve Keith
    Founder and Director
    The Branding Man
    I am an employer brand specialist with 15 years of experience supporting employers in creating inclusive brand campaigns and experiences that help candidates to find careers where they feel welcomed, and can develop a better sense of belonging. I host a weekly podcast, My Career Story, where I interview people about their career journey to date. Now in its fourth season I have dedicated all episodes to members of the LGBTQ+ community. I am also the founder of the Queer Student Awards, a new celebration of talented LGBTQ+ students and their allies.
  • M
    Chloë Davies
    Chloë Davies
    Founder & CEO
    It Takes A Village Collective
    Chloe Davies is an award winning founder, creative, a passionate social impact consultant, chef, and entrepreneur who has dedicated much of her 20+ year career campaigning for inclusion and equality in all spaces, whether in-house at agency level, corporate organisations or through wider community engagement. With over 15 years of experience in retail, artist management, and PR, Chloe has honed her expertise in leadership, social impact and inclusive representation. Her work centres around authentic storytelling, creating spaces of belonging, mental health & well-being, self-empowerment, culture change and workplace advocacy. Simply put, she is trying to change the world for the better. In April 2023 she founded ‘It Takes A Village’ - a global collective for Black women in advertising, media, marketing and comms who's mission is to celebrate & champion them, for their talents to be seen, heard & amplified and together shape the collective industries into a space where Black women can have agency and succeed.
  • M
    Martin Kmiecik
    Martin Kmiecik
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Diversity Pride
    Martin is an ambitious multipreneur, management consultant and LGBTQ activist, working with companies across Europe, Asia and the Americas on their inclusion for all strategies. Martin, alongside being CEO of Diversity Pride consultancy, delivers Executive Education programmes at London Business School, ESCP and MIT focused on inclusive leadership development, inclusive marketing & advertising and HR strategy in transforming organisation. Martin actively works with activists from around the world fighting for LGBTQ rights. After a recent visit to Poland, Martin's motherland, to amplify voices of those who combat the so-called ‘LGBT-free zones’ and encourage global companies to be more active in countries where LGBTQ community faces discrimination.
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