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LGBT 101 and Allyship in the workplace

This training session discusses what it means to be an LGBT+ ally within the workplace covering:

  •    Basic recap on LGBTQ+ spectrum and its evolution over time
  •    The meaning of allyship when applied to the LGBT+ community and why they are necessary.
  •    A brief introduction on being LGBT+ covering identity and pronouns
  •    Tips on how to be an effective ally

If you'd like to pre-submit any questions, please get in touch with Chloe below!


  • mentor
    Chloë Davies
    Chloë Davies
    Head of PR & Partnerships
    Chloe Davies is an activist, proud bisexual woman, mother of two, chef and entrepreneur, who campaigns for inclusion and equality in social spaces, corporate organisations and the wider community. She spent over 15 years working in retail, artist management and PR before starting her own company in 2015. Chloe is Head of PR & Partnerships for myGwork - The global recruitment and networking hub for LGBT professionals and organisations promoting diversity and inclusion. Chloe volunteers with UK Black Pride (UKBP) as the Strategic Officer, working closely with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors to help shape the future of UK Black Pride. She is also the Community Lead for the London Queer Fashion Show - An annual showcase of fashion, identity, and expression.
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