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LGBT 101 and Intersectionality

LGBT 101 and Intersectionality Webinar


The aim of this interactive training session is to provide a light introduction to the LGBTQ+ community within the workplace that covers:

  • The importance of Language
  • Identities - what do the letters stand for
  • Common terms and phrases
  • Why intersectionality matters
  • Being BAME and LGBTQ+

This session is designed to be a safe space to ask questions to gain a better understanding of why we should celebrate each other’s differences especially in the workplace that ensures true workplace equality and a more productive workforce.


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    Chloë Davies
    Chloë Davies
    Founder & CEO
    It Takes A Village Collective
    Chloe Davies is an award winning founder, creative, a passionate social impact consultant, chef, and entrepreneur who has dedicated much of her 20+ year career campaigning for inclusion and equality in all spaces, whether in-house at agency level, corporate organisations or through wider community engagement. With over 15 years of experience in retail, artist management, and PR, Chloe has honed her expertise in leadership, social impact and inclusive representation. Her work centres around authentic storytelling, creating spaces of belonging, mental health & well-being, self-empowerment, culture change and workplace advocacy. Simply put, she is trying to change the world for the better. In April 2023 she founded ‘It Takes A Village’ - a global collective for Black women in advertising, media, marketing and comms who's mission is to celebrate & champion them, for their talents to be seen, heard & amplified and together shape the collective industries into a space where Black women can have agency and succeed.
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