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LGBT support Centers: their work before, during and after Covid-19

As the spread of the novel COVID-19 increases, many LGBTQ+ people are understandably concerned about how this virus may affect us and our communities. 

Join in to hear from support centres and the work they are doing to help the LGBTQ+ community cope in this global pandemic.

Receive your LGBT+ Inclusion Certificate of Attendance for the WorkPride Global Conference 2020!

(To qualify, you must register and attend a minimum of 5 webinars during the WorkPride Global Conference.)


  • Josh Rivers
    Josh Rivers
    Creator and host
    Busy Being Black
    Josh Rivers is the creator and host of Busy Being Black, the podcast exploring how we live in the fullness of our queer Black lives. The show centres conversations with those who have learned - and are learning - to thrive at the intersection of their identities, and is a regular feature on LGBTQ and Black History Month lists on both Apple and Spotify. Josh volunteers his time as the head of communications for UK Black Pride, and was a founding member of Series Q, a network of mentorship, learning and support for LGBTQ entrepreneurs.
  • Lukasz Konieczka
    Lukasz Konieczka
    Executive Director
    Mosaic LGBT Young Persons' Tru
    born in Sopot, Poland started his education at the College for Social Workers where he graduated with a specialism in community development before continuing his education doing social psychology at SWPS University. Throughout his studies, Lukasz volunteered for Amnesty International as campaign coordinator and association 'Together against AIDS' as volunteers' coordinator. Volunteering, however, butters no parsnips, so he had to work in a bank throughout his studies, he decided to move to the UK to work as a social worker. That however proved to be difficult as his qualifications although achieved with distinction were not recognised in the UK. He, therefore, worked in a nursing home in Farnborough as a head of activities department before moving to London to work for Brent Youth Services as a Mosaic Project manager. He took up any opportunity of learning offered by his employer and did qualifications in education management alongside youth work before he was made redundant and the project closed following government cuts. Lukasz however together with his colleagues founded the charity Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre that continued and expanded the work supporting, educating and inspiring LGBT+ young persons in order to shape proud, strong and cohesive LGBT+ community of the future. Lukasz describes himself as a bit of an eccentric Humanist with the passion for Equality and Human Rights. In his spare time, he volunteers on Community Advisory Board of Pride in London is a chair of the board of trustees for another charity Greater London Youth Foundation as well as volunteers as a home visitor for Refugees at Home where he says he can put into practice his strong belief that all humans have a right to dignity and decent housing. He also volunteered on the advisory board of YMCA West London for nearly two years, but his time wasn't able to stretch enough to carry on with that engagement.
  • M
    Executive Director
    Apoyo Positivo
    I'm executive director of the Spanish NGO Apoyo Positivo ( since 2010, a community resource for social innovation, created in 1993, because of the HIV/aids pandemic. As a social and health professional, after many years managing health and educational programs for patients and communities (Mental Health, Alzheimer, Elder community, Down Syndrome, etc.), and also being part of the LGTBIQ community, had the opportunity to lead Apoyo Positivo some years ago, and the HIV experience, and specially the work beside the most affected communities and their realities, inspired me to generate a new organizational vision to advocate for their rights, my own rights, but also the whole society's rights, as Sexual and Reproductive Rights are. Since there, our project works attending the needs of Diversity in Health, Education and Rights and we also promote the social entrepreneurship and co-creation beside the diverse community as a tool for social change. Diversity makes us smarter and it's the chance to challenge the status quo which is still violating human rights and not contributing to a peaceful society. Diversity is the way to a better conflict management, at the personal but also professional level. It's time to walk beside Diversity!
  • Tarek Zeidan
    Tarek Zeidan
    Executive Director
    Tarek is a sexual and bodily rights activist from Beirut, Lebanon advocating for the rights and protection of LGBT individuals and groups in the MENA region and is the president and executive director of Helem, the first LGBT rights organization in the Arab World, founded in Beirut in 2001. He also is a specialist on teaching adaptive leadership and is working towards starting the first leadership laboratory in the MENA region focused exclusively on youth, civil society, civic engagement, and conflict transformation. He is a global fellow at the Ford Foundation, an ELI fellow at the Harvard Center for Public Leadership, and a human rights fellow the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard. Tarek has previously worked as manager of communications and director of strategic planning for the MENA region at both the Brookings Institution and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace MENA offices in Doha and Beirut respectively. He obtained his BA from the American University of Beirut, his MALD in and international relations from the Fletcher School at Tufts University, and his MPA in human rights law and advocacy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.
  • ying xin
    ying xin
    Executive Director
    ying xin
    Ying is the executive director of Beijing LGBT Center. she is a visiting scholar at Columbia University. Since 2009, she has been actively campaigning for LGBT rights and women's rights. At the Beijing LGBT Center, Ying has led advocacy and awareness campaigns against conversion therapy for LGBT persons and for the removal of homosexuality from the CCMD-3 (Chinese Classification of Mental Disorder). Ying also co-curated the China Women’s Film Festival and co-founded Wuhan Rainbow, a community-based LGBT organization. Ying was an initiator of National Survey on Discrimination based on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Gender Expression in China conducted in partnership with the United Nations Development Program and Peking University. She also initiated the first National Survey on Living situation of transgender people in China.
  • Paul Chavez (He/Them)
    Paul Chavez (He/Them)
    Community Engagement Manager
    Los Angeles LGBT Center
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