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LGBTQ&A: Allyship and Parenting

LGBTQ+ representatives from Lancaster University and University of Cumbria are collaborating to host an open discussion to answer your questions in honour of LGBT history month.


LGBTQ&A is a bespoke collaboration series created by Lancaster University and the University of Cumbria’s Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) teams and LGBTQ+ Student and Staff Networks to honour LGBT History month. LGBTQ&A aims to provide a safe and inclusionary space to have important and impactful discussions to progress LGBTQ inclusion in education and communities. The event hosts an open, community panel-based, discussion to answer questions, offer community-based guidance, support and resources.

View last year’s LGBTQ&A: Full Event Link


The format of this year’s LGBTQ&A will expand on its hybrid in-person panel and online anonymous attendees format to invite representatives from each institution (Lancaster University and the University of Cumbria) and their respective LGBTQ networks as well as representatives from local schools, colleges and LGBT+ support groups and organisations to join the panel in-person by attending the live event hosted at Lancaster University.

This year’s LGBTQ&A theme is focused on LGBTQ allyship, parents and carers. The panel will consist of three representatives from each institution and a panel moderator with lived/professional experience specific to this theme. During the event, this panel will be answering anonymously submitted questions from online and in-person attendees about the respective University’s resources, policies and support for LGBTQ allies, parents and carers as well as sharing local, national and partner organisations and national resources and guidance.


Lancaster University and the University of Cumbria are committed to safeguarding both panellists and attendees (online and in-person). Our panellists pledge to provide an inclusive and safe environment in which they recognise our differences as our strengths, seeking and valuing different perspectives and ideas, in an environment that is without prejudice and bias. For all attendees, both online and in-person, derogatory, discriminatory and anti-social questions or comments will not be tolerated in any form and attendees will be removed if this is contravened. We ask all participants to understand and accept panellist are not there to provide “right” answers and all answers provided during this event are opinions derived from personal or professional LGBTQ+ experience and knowledge.

Moderator and Panel Members:

Ann-Marie Houghton (she/her) – Lancaster University - Dean for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

Brian Webster-Henderson (he/him) – University of Cumbria - Deputy Vice Chancellor for Health, Environment and Innovation

Hannah Rosbrook-Brown (she/they)– Lancaster University - Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Advisor

Joanne Scott (she/her) – University of Cumbria - LGBTQ Staff Network EDIW Rep (Senior Lecturer in Academic, Professional and Personal Skills and Programme Leader Integrated Foundation Year from Institute of Health)

Victoria Simpson (she/her) – Lancaster University - LGBTQIA+ Ally Network

Annabelle Robinson (she/they)- University of Cumbria - Student’s Union Welfare Officer

Josh Newsham (he/him) - Lancaster University - LGBTQ+ Student's Union Officer

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