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Managing stress at work and duty of care for managers


5:00pm: Keynote by Emily Hamilton and Jessica Chu from RS components on what organizations can do to support their employees' wellbeing.

5:20pm: Maria Goldsmith

Covid-19 has brought a lot of uncertainty in the workplace and people's lives. Both for managers and employees.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • What is stress
  • Causes of stress
  • Impact of stress
  • Strategies
  • Stress-busting tips
  • Line Managers Role
  • Difficult topics of conversations
  • Importance of addressing difficult issues
  • Consequences of failing to address difficult issues
  • Key tips

This is an interactive session where participants can ask questions. This webinar will be delivered by workplace counsellor and mediator, Maria Goldsmith, with more than 20 years of experience in her field.

6 pm -6:30pm: CLOSING - join us as we wrap up WorkPride and recap this inspirational week with all of you. 

In partnership with: 

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(To qualify, you must register and attend a minimum of 5 webinars during the WorkPride Global Conference.)


  • M
    Chloë Davies
    Chloë Davies
    Head of Social Impact
    Lucky Generals
    Chloe Davies is a proud bisexual woman, mother of two, a creative, global inclusion & belonging consultant, chef and entrepreneur. Her work sees her campaigning for inclusion and equality in social spaces, corporate organisations and the wider community. She spent over 15 years working in retail, artist management and PR before starting her own catering company in 2015. In September 2021 she took on the role of Head of Social Impact for Lucky Generals – the creative company for people on a mission. Where she will be responsible, in conjunction with management, for setting the company’s social impact goals and ensuring that they are met in the most effective and creative ways possible. The role will be focused on building a sustainable, diverse and inclusive company culture and output. Before this Chloe spent over two years working for Mygwork - The global recruitment and networking hub for LGBT+ students, graduates, professionals and organisations who believe in true workplace equality. As Head of Training & Engagement (Public & Community) she oversaw necessary internal and external conversations surrounding LGBT+ inclusion, training and external consultation. Chloe volunteers with UK Black Pride (UKBP) as the Head of Finance & Governance, working closely with the Executive Director and the Board of Trustees to help shape the future of UK Black Pride. She is the Head of Relations for the London Queer Fashion Show - An annual showcase of fashion, identity, and expression, a Trustee for the London LGBTQ+ Community Centre and an Ambassador for Mental Health First Aid England. She describes herself as a mental health survivor, openly discussing her own journey with depression and mental health and advocates on usualising these conversations both in and outside of the workplace and starred alongside Denise Welch in ‘Depression & Me’ – a short film produced by Mental Health First England which shines a light on lived experience of depression and recovery. In all of her work, which takes Chloe around the globe, she aims to further connect those within the community while educating allies to continue disrupting and push for increased visibility, understanding and appreciation of the communities she works to serve. In July 2021, Chloe was shortlisted out of 52,000 nominees as a finalist for The National Diversity Awards – Positive Role Model of the Year – LGBT..
  • M
    Jessica Chu
    Jessica Chu
    Group Head of Diversity and Inclusion
    RS Group
    Australian born and bred, I arrived in London in 1999 for a six month back-packing holiday and loved it so much, decided to stay! I have spent the last 20 years working in the Financial Services sector across a number of disciplines and for the last decade I've specialised in leading diversity and inclusion programmes at leading banks and now at RS Group a global digital and engineering organisation. As the Group Head of D&I, I am responsible for delivering work that has a real impact on our people and communities we operate in. What I love most is the breadth of my role and the fact that no two days are ever the same! I have two young children, who keep me extra busy when not at work. As a family we love to spend time at the park, having picnics, riding bikes and jumping on the trampoline. I also love to cook, garden, watch movies and read.
  • Maria Goldsmith
    Maria Goldsmith
    Wellbeing Consultant
    Goldsmith Counselling and Mediation Services Ltd
    As the founder and Director of GCM (Goldsmith Counselling and Mediation) Maria brings close to three decades of experience counselling people individually and in groups with specific issues (trauma, autism, Aspergers Syndrome, rape and sexual abuse). She also provides tailor made organisational support and senior management consultancy including mediation, sickness absence, compliance and capability, grievances and environmental stress audits. She offers a range of individualised solutions to support the care and wellbeing of your employees. Maria’s philosophy is built upon mapping, planning and delivering “win/win” outcomes that meet the needs of the individual and the organisation.
  • M
    Emily Hamilton
    Emily Hamilton
    VP Strategic Change
    RS Group
    I have 20+ years in the delivery of strategic change within a diverse group of industry sectors, both public and private. I have contributed to industry standard texts on project management with a particular interest in project risk management. I am also a trans woman who came out later in life; and this has sparked a real passion for workplace mental health support to the LGBTQ+ community.
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