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Managing stress at work and duty of care for managers

Covi-19 has brought a lot of uncertainty in the workplace and people's lives. Both for managers and employees.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • What is stress
  • Causes of stress
  • Impact of stress
  • Strategies
  • Stress busting tips
  • Line Managers Role
  • Difficult topics of conversations
  • Importance of addressing difficult issues
  • Consequence of failing to address difficult issues
  • Key tips

This is an interactive session where participants can ask questions. This webinar will be delivered by workplace counselor and mediator, Maira Goldsmith, with more than 20 years of experience in her field.


  • Maria Goldsmith
    Maria Goldsmith
    Wellbeing Consultant
    Goldsmith Counselling and Mediation Services Ltd
    As the founder and Director of GCM (Goldsmith Counselling and Mediation) Maria brings close to three decades of experience counselling people individually and in groups with specific issues (trauma, autism, Aspergers Syndrome, rape and sexual abuse). She also provides tailor made organisational support and senior management consultancy including mediation, sickness absence, compliance and capability, grievances and environmental stress audits. She offers a range of individualised solutions to support the care and wellbeing of your employees. Maria’s philosophy is built upon mapping, planning and delivering “win/win” outcomes that meet the needs of the individual and the organisation.
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