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Pride Month Series with TABOU Magazine and Clifford Chance

Introducing you to TABOU - an online disability platform who are running a Pride Month Series with the sponsorship of Clifford Chance.

Would you like to write a piece for the UK University-wide magazine and win £50? Well…TABOU is looking for 5 students who identify as both LGBT+ and disabled to write about any topic exploring the intersection of disability and LGBTQ+ identities. You don't need any experience in journalism to apply and there is no limit on the type of piece - it could be anything from an opinion piece to something drawing on your own life experience. TABOU are particularly looking for unique ideas and opinions which might not often be discussed mainstream media. Whether your experiences with disability are mental health, physical health, chronic illness or neurodivergence, your story is valid! All you need to do is send TABOU a pitch of a maximum of 300 words outlining the topic you want to discuss, the key points you will make and why it is important it is discussed. Pitches should be sent to [email protected] by May 1st.

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