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Rethinking diversity management

Does One Size Fit All?

Is the traditional 'One Size Fits All' diversity management practice in need of a rethink? 

We'll look at traditional diversity practices within organisations and discuss what a diversity management practice should look like in this new decade of the 21st Century.

This is an interactive session where your participation is encouraged. So have your ideas ready to discuss toward the end of the session!

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Receive your LGBT+ Inclusion Certificate of Attendance for the WorkPride Global Conference 2020!

(To qualify, you must register and attend a minimum of 5 webinars during the WorkPride Global Conference.)


  • KK Harris
    KK Harris
    Executive Coach
    Self Employed
    KK Harris is from Los Angeles and her heritage is both Native American Indian and African American. She knows what the lack of inclusion feels like first hand. She remembers going to a bathroom in Mississippi and reading signs that said “colored” and how confusing that was as a four year old. On that same trip her mother had brought her to meet her grandmother and put flowers on her brothers grave who as a teenager was shot in the back as he walked out of the shop by a white racist. Unfortunately the injustice of prejudice continues to affect the lives of many and so standing for the rights of diverse acceptance is important to her. Today KK is a Certified Executive Coach, with major firms in the City of London, specialising in the delivery of Mitigating Unconscious Bias training to large organisations. She is also an author of a parenting book and has a Career coaching practice aimed at helping women from diverse backgrounds . KK doesn’t hold back or make any apologies yet always aims to find solutions. When she delivers a session it should not be missed.
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