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Success Mindset

An interactive workshop where we explore the mindset needed for success and attainment. With a work goal in mind, we will explore the stories, beliefs that might be holding us back and what empowering beliefs could be created instead.

The session itself will be through an inclusive lens and will be a combination of presentation on theories underpinning the topic, facilitation, breakouts (where available) and community discussion.

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About myGwork:

myGwork is the global LGBTQ+ business community. We offer a safe space for people to connect with inclusive professionals, find jobs, attend events, and catch up on the latest LGBTQ+ news.


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  • Tashan Nicholas
    Tashan Nicholas
    Life & Leadership Coach/ DEI Advocate
    Tashan is a Speaker, coach and workshop facilitator who specializes in empowering underserved leaders to bring their authentic selves to the forefront. Tashan is an ICF Member and Certified coach with a diploma in Life and Performance Coaching from The Coaching Academy. With a decade of experience in the Data, Statistics and analytics world of advertising and media industry, most recently a leadership role as an Analytics Director, Tashan brings a data-driven approach to their work. Tashan is also passionate advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and is actively involved in advocacy groups such as Outvertising & NoTurningBack2020. Tashan also serves as a trustee for 'You Make it', a charity that helps young unemployed and underemployed women from Black and Asian backgrounds. Tashan draws from their unique perspective as a Black and Queer individual and is dedicated to empowering diverse communities through their work.
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