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WorkPride 2023: Aging with Grace and Dignity - a closer look at the older LGBTQ+ Population and their needs

As more LGBTQ+ people grow older, and people feel comfortable coming out at later ages, it's important to consider the wants and needs of older LGBTQ+ people. Whether it's ensuring that people are able to be themselves and live authentically within the services provided to them, or fighting stigma and discrimination - both within the community and externally - we can all do more. Join our panel as they explore what the future holds for LGBTQ+ people as we age. 

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Sponsored by: EY and Santander UK

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  • Trudy Howson
    Trudy Howson
    LGBT Poet Laureate
    I am the inaugural LGBT Poet Laureate for London and the UK. Feb 2016-19. I write and perform poetry that charts and celebrates the landscape of our wonderfully diverse community I believe poetry can power social and cultural change
  • M
    Teri Albert
    Teri Albert
    Quality Engineer
    Hitachi Vantara
  • M
    Chris Glass
    Chris Glass
    Global Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    Soho House
  • Paula Harrowing
    Paula Harrowing
    I have a strong skill set in communications - both presentation and written, people strategy and development; and a thirst for community building. I am passionate for driving innovation, creativity, and inclusion. As co-Founder/Director of an HIV/AIDS support agency in 1994/5, Body & Soul, for women, teenagers, children, and families, the position has given me a rich and varied set of skills. My learning curve, has been immense and is continuous. A process that remains both rewarding and fulfilling for me today. By night, I was a queer award-winning club night promoter in the 90's ~2000's and journalist for the queer press; I have a huge love of our diverse LGBTQ+ community. My photography opened into the world of film, music and dance, working with groundbreaking artists, from FKA Twigs to Queer film Director Campbell X. I have been lucky to create images that are timeless and are often used to represent Queerness at it's finest.
  • M
    Frank Akinsete
    Frank Akinsete
    Creative Consultant
    Fashion Industry
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